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Sponser Liquid Energy Plus



Liquid Energy Plus is a highly concentrated neutral-tasting energy, provided in liquid form. A tube of 70g contains 200 kcal of pure energy. Moreover, it contains the functional ingredients caffeine, taurine and inositol. Liquid Energy Plus is appropriate for endurance sportsmen who are dependant on a constant energy supply. It is however also ideal for power and game sports as source of energy before and during activities.

Enriched with 50 mg of caffeine per tube. As from a dosage of 1.5 tubes (75 mg of caffeine), caffeine stimulates the concentration and the attention span.


  • Available in tubes which can be closed again or in handy portion bags
  • Wide sugar spectrum with different glycemic index
  • Temperature stable. Can be used in all weather conditions
  • Pleasant honey-like taste


Take half a tube or one portion bag just before the start and then 1 tube or 2 portion bags (approx. 50g carbohydrates) per hour during exercise. Drink sufficiently in addition to stay hydrated. During training sessions or competition lasting more than 3 hours, the dosage has to be increased according to individual needs.

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40 x 35g Satchet, 35g Sachet, 70g Tube, 20 x 70g Tube

2 reviews for Sponser Liquid Energy Plus

  1. Harper Benjamin

    I read the rowperfect blog about nutrition and found this energy gel. I have been using it since a few weeks and I feel that I handle by 500m pieces much better. This liquid is made for those who need fast energy while running…it worked great for me.

  2. Jose Davilla

    I considered buying nutrition Sponser liquid energy plus Gel and was definitely not disappointed. It tastes good. And I will stick to it. It is providing an excellent way to get calories during my rows and my runs! Very happy to purchase it.

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