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Sponser Beta Alanine


Jar 150 tablets (192g)

BETA ALANINE from SPONSER® is an intracellular acid buffer for competition and power athletes. Suitable for high-intensity, repetitive exercises with tendency to hyperacidity in the muscles which is performance limiting. This amino acid supplement increases the muscle carnosine level which enhances the effect of the intracellular acid buffer capacity. Consequently, an improved performance in anaerobic lactic sports can be achieved. BETA ALANINE is particularly suitable for power training, sprint, weightlifting, athletics, combat sports as well as preparation for high-intensity training periods in endurance sports. Intake of Beta Alanine can cause a strange but harmless tingle on your skin. This unpleasant feeling can be avoided thanks to SPONSER’S slow release formula in tablet form. Please read the following instructions on usage (loading phase).

Tip: BETA ALANINE, the intracellular effective acid buffer substance, is recommended to be used in combination with the extracellular acid buffer LACTAT BUFFER from SPONSER®


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