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Sponser Activator 200


SPONSER® ACTIVATOR is a highly efficient, natural caffeine booster. It has been proven to contribute to an increased endurance and more focussed performance. ACTIVATOR helps not only in sports, it also improves your general concentration and alertness.

ACTIVATOR 200 contains 200 mg of caffeine in free and bound form. It is particularly suitable for endurance sports, but also for power sports and explosive sport disciplines in which maximum concentration and alertness is required. For an optimal effect, caffeine should be consumed 1 hour before exertion. The effects can last several hours, depending on the quantity consumed.



  • Available as 200 mg and 100 mg caffeine flasks (fruit or coffee flavour)
  • Caffeine contributes to a better endurance performance
  • Helps to improve concentration and attention (focus)
  • Natural caffeine sources from plant extracts
  • Practical intake, liquid shot (ACTIVATOR 100 also convenient as “cold Espresso”)


Endurance sports:

Caffeine reaches its maximum effects during endurance performances approximately 1 hour after intake, the accurate dosage depends on body weight. The effects of caffeine can last up to 2-3 hours, depending on the quantity consumed. Recommended caffeine intake is minimum 3 mg/kg body weight at least one hour prior to exercise (maximum 400 mg/day). People who consume caffeine on a regular basis should avoid other caffeine consumption for at least 24 h prior to ACTIVATOR intake.

Power-sports, ball sports and martial arts:

In general, 100 mg of caffeine is sufficient for increased concentration and alertness (focus).
(e.g. ½ flask ACTIVATOR 200 or 1 flask ACTIVATOR 100)

Work and everyday life:

In general, 100 mg of caffeine is sufficient for increased concentration and alertness (focus).
(e.g. 1 flask ACTIVATOR 100 as optimised “cold Espresso” or ½ flask ACTIVATOR 200)


  • Consumption of two ACTIVATOR 100 should have the same performance related effect like one ACTIVATOR 200.
  • Power sports and martial arts: PRE-WORKOUT BOOSTER (NO-Booster for pump) from SPONSER® can be supplemented with ACTIVATOR 100 as an excellent additional caffeine source.

Legal note: Not suitable for children and teenagers. It is recommended not to exceed a daily intake of 400 mg caffeine.

More information:
Download – Factsheet


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