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RP Calf protectors and leg warmer


Rowperfect Calf Skin protection and leg warmer for rowing, biking and running

  • Prevents painful and open wounds.Prevents cold leg muscles.
  • Seat rails and seat decks can cause serious cuts on your calf skin, especially if you do long daily rowing outings.
  • Suitable for racing rowing and sculling as well as recreational and touring rowers.
  • Some users tell us that Calf Skins provide support to their calf muscle and that promotes better blood circulation and improved performance.
  • Others tell us, that they use our product as leg warmer. They definitely keep your muscles warm

Medium and Large sizes

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A sporty look when out and about for training and in everyday life

  • Light functional material
  • Wide ribbed trim on sleeves and hem
  • High collar with hood
  • Zip pockets at the side
  • Mesh inner lining
  • Material: 100% polyester
  • Inner lining: 100% polyester

Rowperfect Calf Skin protection for rowing, biking and running

With good abrasion and tear resistance, they are an all-round performer that is perfect for your skin and calf skin protection. Seat rails and seat decks can cause serious cuts; on your calfs and can be prevented by using calf protectors.

  • Unisex size Size of the calf circumference
  • Medium Up to 13″ (33.5cm)
  • Large Over 13″ (33.5cm)

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