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ROWTEX Rowing Dry Bags


In rowing we can’t avoid water – it splashes into the boat from the oars or if it rains. As a result, everything stored in the footwell gets soaked. To avoid this, a Dry Bag keeps your stuff safely stored and 100% dry as it’s waterproof.

Two dry bags designed by expert rowers to suit your needs.  One is smaller (5 litre) and fits a phone, gloves, one shirt.  The larger is 25 litres volume and is as good as a kit bag or sports bag and can fit shoes, towel and a change of clothes.

The small bag has a transparent window for your mobile phone and the touch screen works through the window so you don’t have to open the bag.  The carry strap can be looped around your foot stretcher for security in the boat.

The large bag has a transparent strip down the length of the bag so you can see what’s inside – even the thing at the bottom!  It also has a robust carry handle as well as a shoulder strap.

Designed by Rowtex.

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