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Rowtex Hand Healing Cream


Rowtex Hand Cream for Rowers 75ml

A rowers hands can be worn out, as you have probably noticed. Sometimes, blisters and infected wounds can stop us from rowing – and we don’t want that!

Nourishing and moisturising your skin

Fast absorbing, non-greasy formula

Quickly heals cuts and torn skin

Chalk tube -The environmentally-friendly chalk tube uses 70% less oil based raw materials.

The hand cream is tested on athletes, not on animals, Vegan Friendly and made in Germany.

Active ingredients

Panthenol (Vitamin B5): The hand cream gets its anti-inflammatory and wound-healing properties from panthenol. The unique properties contained in panthenol increase your skin’s ability to hold moisture, which reduces the risk of open blisters.

Calendula oil: The hand cream cares for your skin with calendula oil. Calendula oil contains anti-inflammatory and skin care properties that support and accelerate the regeneration of your skin after a hard rowing session.

Ectoin: With ectoin, the hand cream strengthens your skin’s natural protective layer thereby supporting existing natural protection measures – less blisters!

Additional information

Fragrance: With a discreet, natural forest scent, the hand cream appeals to both men and women.

Vegan: The hand cream is free from traces of animal products and has not been tested on animals

Instructions: 30mins before rowing wash your hands and apply small amount of cream to the palm of your hand and massage it in by rubbing your hands together. Apply a small amount immediately after rowing.

Weight 100 g
Dimensions 3 × 4 × 10 cm


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