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Citius Remex ProW Adjustable Rowing Seat Pad

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With the ProW Adjustable seat you can adjust the hardness of the centre of the seat with wedge inserts.

This product includes 3 wedges soft, medium and firm for you to adjust the seat to suit your personal needs.

The ProW has an innovative shape that relieves glute and upper hamstring pain and thereby helps improve your erg workout.

It differs from conventional rowing seats in more ways: It has a ‘saddle’/projection in the middle and the holes are elliptical to create optimal pressure distribution from your pelvis.  Further, the ProW has an opening for your tailbone and a projection in the back which helps to improve your technique.  The projection simply makes it easier to sit up in the finish and transition from stroke to recovery phase.

Colour options

  • Splatter (Red/White/Blue)

Note the product photos show colour options which are no longer available.  There is only 1 colour option.

Designed by Danish lightweight international rowers it is recommended mainly for use on top of a regular Concept2 rowing seat.  But it can also be taped to a seat in the boat using double sided adhesive tape (supplied).

Manufacturer recommends allowing 3-5 training sessions to adapt and learn to use the seat.  It reshapes to suit your body shape by 10-20% over time with frequent use.

The material is smooth when new and the top surface rubs off with use making the seat non-slip.  There is tape on the back of the seat for you to glue to the C2 which will help fix the seat until the surface material is fully rubbed off.

Weight 600 g
Dimensions 40 × 35 × 5 cm