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Rowing Oar Hanging Rack


An innovative solution to storing oars in boathouses where space is at a premium.

Space saver is a wall-mounted bracket that allows you to store 16 rowing oars that you can retrieve easily.

The oar racks are amazing for 2 reasons:

1. They take up very little space (22 x 97.5 x 30 cms) and yet hold 8 pairs of oars!

(by comparison the Sculling oar rack is 87 cm long)

2. Rowers can take out oars from the back of the rack without having to remove the other 7 pairs in front of them. This is a clever solution to a potential health and safety issue.

3.  Sweep oar rack needs 2700mm from the floor to top edge then requires 1400mm above the bracket to allow the oar to be easily placed and removed from the bracket.