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Rowing Life Jacket inc US Shipping

(1 customer review)


The Rowing Life Jacket is designed for rowers and scullers to use when out in rough water conditions.  It is a certified swim aid.

  • Windproof
  • Breathable
  • Regular fit
  • Holds its shape
  • Material: Gamex

Delivery: 30 days

The Rowing Life Jacket or Swim Vest (certified Swim Aid to ISO 12402-5)

The Rowing life jacket is a milestone in rowing safety. Unlike other designs, it allows unrestricted movement of the arms for rowing and sculling. In the event of a capsize, the vest is automatically inflated by the inner gas canister. The rower is then automatically rolled onto their back, with the neck pad inside the collar keeping their head above water. The integral waist belt keeps the vest in place, so it does not ride up. Reflectors on the chest and shoulders ensure good visibility.

The internal zippers and studs allow the buoyancy section to be removed when not required, so the vest can be used as a normal warming gilet vest.


1 review for Rowing Life Jacket inc US Shipping

  1. Glenda Leigh Howard

    4 stars because, I have only used this once. Thankfully I didn’t get to test this floatation function. I started looking for a functional, wearable, auto inflating vest after a pleasure boater one morning decided it would be fun to run circles around me while I was sculling alone. I have no fear of flipping. I have a fear of stupid people. People have commented if you flip won’t it be hard to get back in the boat with that on. I don’t know. But if a stupid person decides to do something that could cause me to be disoriented or incapacitated, then I will have something keeping my head above water until a club mate or an more civilized boater can assist me.

    My only concern about using this vest is that it may be hard to use in summer as it is a sauna machine. But, maybe it will help me drop some weight. ? Regardless, I didn’t find that this vest impeded my range of motion and I forgot about it once I got into my routine.

    Shipping to the USA took a little over 6 weeks even with the USPS shenanigans in by the feds.

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