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OarGo – the ultimate Oar Carrier


OarGo – the ultimate Oar Carrier

We found it at a WRC. The OarGo – the ultimate Oar Carrier. It makes carrying oars easy. Each OarGo – the ultimate Oar Carrier fits 4 sweep or 4 sculling oars. Simply put them in and carry it at your side like a bag. This significantly reduces the chance of your oars being damaged and keeps them off the ground. (Read)

The OarGo is made from PVC meaning it it fully waterproof. Want your club color? Ask for a quote.

– Can be packed flat for easy transportation 

– Offers ergonomic carrying support

– Hold 4 sweep or sculling oars

– Can be used to keep oars off the ground at regattas

– Reduces the change of your oars being damaged

OarGo – the ultimate Oar Carrier

OarGo – the ultimate Oar Carrier

Each Oar Carrier can carry four sweep oars or two pairs of sculls so that they are balanced for carrying and protected when being moved.

So a single coxswain can carry all 8 oars for a quad or eight.

Flat packs for easy transportation and storage.

To use the OarGo – the ultimate Oar Carrier you simply put 4 sweep or 4 scull oars in the slots and pick it up carrying the OarGo by your side. It is designed to be used when moving oars to and from the pontoon and for storage off the ground.

This reduces the chance or oars being damaged whilst carrying them and also makes them easier to carry – we all know how hard and awkward it can be!

Weight 5000 g
Dimensions 75 × 40 × 5 cm
Oar Carrier



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