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Miniature Replica Oars Paint Your Own


A miniature oar that you can handpaint yourself.  Expertly designed with a wooden handle, moulded collar and sleeve. Has port/strokeside and starboard/bowside options. Spoon/blades are available in 9 Base colours seen in the picture below. Please specify which colour you would like when you order. Paint not included. For more information and to view the painting instructions click here.

The kit includes.

  • 1x Assembled black shaft with wooden handle and white collar.
  • 1x Assembly instructions (shaft to blade.)
  • 1x Preparation / paint tips (acrylic, enamel,  lacquer, nail polish.) You will need to buy your own paint.
  • 2x spoon/blades (one for practice.)
  • 1x 6mm dowel blade holder (will stand in a 6.5mm hole while drying.)
  • 1x Piece of 2000 grit prep sandpaper (for acrylic and enamel paint only.)
  • 1x Grid set out at 3mm.
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