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How to Coach using Rowperfect


Rowperfect UK has created a mini training course just for you.  If you are a coach or an athlete and you want to make your boat go faster, this is the perfect introduction to some training skills that will revolutionise your rowing or sculling training.

Many rowing coaches tell us that there’s nobody out there coaching the coaches. That it’s up to them to find the new information that they can integrate into their training programme to improve the skills and boat moving abilities of their athletes. It can be a lonely job – especially if you are leading a programme and have a team depending on your wisdom and leadership.

Well we wrote the “How to Coach using Rowperfect” short course just for you.

This course is designed to teach you the core skills so you have confidence using RP3 with your athletes and showing colleagues how to use it themselves.  You will know exactly what to do and the numbers to look for.

Chapter list

  1. How to coach rowing using the Rowperfect dynamic ergometer.
  2. Your first 30 minute coaching session using Rowperfect
  3. How do we get fast crews?
  4. Why choose a dynamic ergometer?
  5. 5 rules for teaching excellent rowing and sculling
  6. 10 attributes of the World’s most successful rowing crews
  7. How much improvement can I expect from coaching my crews using a RP?
  8. Sports Science Articles about Rowperfect
  9. Where should I start coaching with RP?
  10. How to deliver more power in the rowing stroke
  11. Coaching the Catch using the RP software K (drag) factor
  12. Taking Rowperfect computer data onto the water
  13. Why erg wearing shoes?
  14. Using Power Per Stroke – your secret coaching weapon
  15. How to teach your athletes to use their body weight
  16. RP power curves for different boat types…Part 1
  17. Training for different boat types… Part 2
  18. How to coach your crew for a Single Scull compared to an Eight
  19. Developing crew combinations with RP
  20. Can we change the sport of rowing?
  21. Changing the world, one rowing club at a time
  22. Where can I get information on what a good force curve looks like?

Bonus: Nine articles: including C2 versus RP and Drills and Exercises for RP

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