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Fairbairn On Rowing Volume 1/4 – The Early Years


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This first volume includes an introduction by Peter Mallory to who Steve Fairbairn was and his influence on rowing coaching. As an historian, Peter has researched rowing technique through the ages and so is uniquely informed on the topic. He’s included a pamphlet which describes the “orthodox” rowing style which Steve Fairbairn comprehensively de-bunked with his coaching.

This first volume is a carefully written description of the parts of the rowing stroke. It includes advice for a coach around what to look at in the crew you’re coaching and select words to use to explain what you want the crew to do. His observations about the conscious mind and the unconscious mind are very helpful when attempting to coach perfect repetitions of the rowing stroke.

His side note about the introduction of ‘swivel oarlocks’ over ‘fixed tholes’ in 1925 is a nice reflection on the equipment improvements that have been introduced to rowing boats and oars over the years.


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