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EUCATAPE Blister Tape for Rowing


Rowing blister tape – a eucalyptus-infused protective hand and finger tape to protect your hand from blisters.

Eucatape perfectly combines aromatherapy and hand protection and it works well for hand protection.  The eucalyptus in the tape soothes hands, cools them down, and heals due to the natural anti-inflammatory.  All the while it smells fantastic.

Always cut the tape with Scissors.  If you tear it, the frayed edge can roll up.

Stored in a sleek reusable tin and supplied in red, pink and blue.  Sorry, you can’t pick one colour.

In stock (can be backordered)

3 reviews for EUCATAPE Blister Tape for Rowing

  1. Isaac Kenyon

    I’ve never previously used blister tape before! However I needed it to break the world record for longest ergometer row! I used it over some areas that I knew were sensitive to blisters from long rubs such as back of heels and it definitely did the trick

  2. Benjamin Ajayi-Obe

    This tape is great! It strong and durable while you’re rowing which is great because it means I can row with confidence that I have full purchase on the handle, while it protects my skin underneath. This tape was part of my blister prevention plan during my world record attempt to row continuously on a rowing machine for the longest time. After 100 hours of rowing I remained blister free so I can assure you that this product is very effective. The tape has a great smell of Eucalyptus as well.

  3. Jack Hopkins

    Really helpful when spending hours on the rowing machine. Tried it out over a 40km piece and my hands were as good as new!

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