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Coxmate 6W F+ Lead Section with Seat Sensor Connector


Coxmate 6W speaker harnesses are built in sections. You can replace one section and plug it into the series.

The F+ Front Lead Section for the Coxmate 6W Speaker/Harness System includes the seat sensor connector. It features a polyurethane outer sheath cable and connectors with moulded connections and includes 4 self adhesive Velcro straps for securing cables.  This connects the amplifier to the seat sensor and speakers.

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Read the full Coxmate Boat Wiring Configuration Options for Fours, Eights with 3 or 4 speakers.  This article shows each of the items listed above and diagrams how to connect them in a rowing boat.

Coxmate products are compatible with NK (TM) and CoxOrb amplifiers.