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Cox Security and Recharging Box


A securely lockable box for storing rowing electronic equipment including speed coaches, cox boxes and Coxmates.

It has three internal layout options

  1. circular holes for NK units
  2. a flat shelf for Coxmate and other speedcoach units
  3. half-and-half with both circular holes and a flat shelf

Specifications: The box is 500mm x 500mm x 500mm made of steel with powder coating finish.

The Security Box comes with one tray either with round holes to hold 10 cox box units OR a flat tray to hold Coxmate or other items like speed coaches.  You can choose a half-and-half circle and flat tray which holds both systems.

The lock has a 10 button security keypad with 3 levels of security – a Master Code, a Sub-Master Code and User codes so you control who has access. It has a lost code recovery procedure and a penalty if the wrong code is input 3 times.  Full Lock specification.

Each tray uses industrial quality sliders and fittings.

A second tray can be added. Please ask for the price.


The box can be wired up to a multi-block electric plug system and connected to the mains for electric recharging.

Note multi-block electrical wiring is not included in the price.

Please state your preferred colour when ordering.