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1K Racing: A Strength Training Programme


If you race 1k rowing races and are looking for some more peak power for your stroke, lower splits, and faster sprints, this is the programme for you!

Will Ruth, strength coach and author of bestselling Rowperfect e-book “Rowing Stronger,” has designed this 3-month strength training programme in tandem with Marlene Royle’s 1k Racing a 3-month programme. A strength training programme is only as good as the rowing programme it supports, and with Marlene and Will, you’re getting a winning combination for a peak performance.

Within the book, you will find:

  • Technically two programmes, one a beginner programme for athletes with minimal strength training experience and the other, a more advanced program for trainees more experienced in strength training.
  • 12 weeks of 2 times per week full-body strength training programme aligned with Marlene Royle’s 1k Racing rowing programme.
    • Build the foundation in Phase 1,
    • Tune up the intensity in Phases 2 and 3,
    • And turn it into boat-moving power in Phase 4.
  • Video lift index with demonstrations and coaching cues for all exercises in the programme
  • Will Ruth’s full-body warmup for improved performance, reduced risk of injury, and better movement on land and in the boat.
  • Guide to executing the programme as Strength Coach Will takes you through the details of how to get the most out of your efforts.

2 reviews for 1K Racing: A Strength Training Programme

  1. Juan Carlos Bosnic

    Necesito saber si el entrenamiento es para ser realizado en remoergómetro o en agua y gimnasio.

  2. Juan Carlos Bosnic

    quiero saber si el entrenamiento es para remoergómetro o en bote y gimnasio.
    Atentamente Juan

    • Rebecca Caroe

      Juan, the training programme is for water rowing. The Strength Training is for gym.

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