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1K Racing eBook Bundle

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Do you have a 1K race coming up? Or have you always wanted to compete in a regatta but never got around to making the jump? Well, now, the best of two worlds have come together to bring you this epic eBook bundle: 1K Racing.

Marlene Royle has created a streamlined training programme written just for you. Adjustable whether you train 6 times a week or 4 times a week, it will transform the three months leading up to a 1,000-metre race.

Meanwhile, Strength Coach Will a.k.a. Will Ruth has crafted a strength training programme to go hand-in-hand with Marlene Royle’s book. If you are looking for some more peak power for your stroke, lower splits, and faster sprints, this is the programme for you.

With Marlene and Will, you’re getting a winning combination for a peak performance and a successful race.

Within 1K Racing: A 3-Month Training Programme, you will find:

  1. Phase 1 Training – Builds the Foundation: Low-stress training, good routine, gradual increases. Focus on improving technical weaknesses.
  2. Phase 2 Training – Early Quality: Prepare for the type of training that will be of most importance in the following phases, introduce accelerations/reps/plenty of recovery time/improve mechanics.
  3. Phase 3 Training – Transition Quality: Most stressful phase that is event specific and it sets you up for the final quality phase that is less stressful. Stress the proper systems for the event distance. Stay with proper training paces and do not overdo it here. Avoid injury and illness. Get all tough sessions in but be flexible.
  4. Phase 4 Training – Final Quality: Prepare for actual race conditions. Focus on strengths. Concentrate on what you do best in the final phase of training. Be fresh, not fatigued.
  5. Phase 5 – Taper to racing and race week training programme.

Approach each full workout as the “goal.” If there is any workout that you cannot complete or have to build up to the full session, it is best to follow the proper intensity but scale back the amount of work.

  • Simple pre-race warm-up
  • Full race warmup

Within 1K Racing: A Strength Training Programme, you will find:

  • Technically two programmes, one a beginner programme for athletes with minimal strength training experience and the other, a more advanced program for trainees more experienced in strength training.
  • 12 weeks of 2 times per week full-body strength training programme aligned with Marlene Royle’s 1k Racing rowing programme.
    • Build the foundation in Phase 1,
    • Tune up the intensity in Phases 2 and 3,
    • And turn it into boat-moving power in Phase 4.
  • Video lift index with demonstrations and coaching cues for all exercises in the programme
  • Will Ruth’s full-body warmup for improved performance, reduced risk of injury, and better movement on land and in the boat.
  • Guide to executing the programme as Strength Coach Will takes you through the details of how to get the most out of your efforts.

1 review for 1K Racing eBook Bundle

  1. Steve

    Any way to get a preview? £60.00 is pretty steep to buy sight unseen…

    • Rebecca Caroe

      No preview, Steve – but comment you to listen to Will Ruth and Marlene Royle’s podcast episodes on RowingChat ( or Google) – hear what they say and then work out for yourself if you think they know what they’re talking about.

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