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Tension Bands

If your MK-1 Evolution bands need replacing or you’d like a change in tension then you’ve found the right page. The photo to the right explains what band is best for you.

The shorter Tension Bands are for the MK-1 Evolution, our current gate. They are imprinted with “SC” for scull and “SW” for sweep, but are all interchangeable on the MK-1 Sculls and Sweeps according to preference. (Number 1. and 2. in photo). The longer Tension Bands for the original gate. (Number 3. in Photo).

The order of tension band strength for each category from strong to soft is:

  • “SW” White = Medium“SC” White = Soft
  • “SC” Yellow = Medium“SW” Yellow = Strong

We also give with each set that we sell a set of 4 spare bands to try different tensions and have as spares.

Rowperfect UK is proud to present MK1 Magik rowboat oarlocks which represent the latest innovation in rowing and sculling equipment.

Magik Oarlock Advantages

This innovative oarlock system design incorporates a new ‘tension arm’ mechanism within the gate that holds your oar tight against the pin. This enables a better grip on the water, faster engagement on entry and a cleaner square / feather movement.

2008 “Evolution” model launched

More details here .Spare Magik Elastic bands are available from our shop.

We recommend you try different tension bands to see which one works best for you – the oars/sleeves you use, your experience and distance you plan to row should affect your decision.

Magik Oarlock Brochure

TheMK1 brochure Evolution is available in PDF format.

Magik Prices

Sculling oarlocks buy
Rowing oarlocks buy
Sculling pitching inserts for a pair of oarlocks buy
Rowing pitching inserts for a pair of oarlocks buy

Prominent Users

Ondrej Synek the Czech single sculler and world champion has used them for the past 3 years.  At the 2007 World Rowing Championships the German mens 8 won Silver with MK1 Cambridge University Boat Club used MK1 in 2007 & 2008.
At the 2006 World Rowing Championships the German mens 8 won Gold with MK1 Sweep Oarlocks; and 20 countries and over 40 crews used MK1 winning 3 Gold; 6 Silver and 4 Bronze medals. Full list of International MK1 users 2006
In the UK, Thames RC used MK1 for all their Henley Royal Regatta Crews in 2006, Will Hoodless and Maryann Chalmers of Upper Thames RC used sculling MK1 at National Championships and Commonwealth Regatta (Bronze LM1x and Silver LW2x).
Coaches have reported that MK1 is very useful for novices and beginners in both sculling and rowing. The “certainty” it gives with squaring and feathering helps speed up learning the basics of the stroke pattern.

Rowing and sculling with the MK1 is simply Magik!

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