How to Paint oars and sculls

Priming and Painting Blades

Materials needed:

100-180 grit sandpaper
400 grit sandpaper
Lacquer or enamel spray primer
Lacquer or enamel top coat
Clear coat

Most people purchase rowing oars and sculls with blades unprimed and unpainted.
Oar manufacturers recommend a urethane based automotive primer and topcoat or  marine paint.  There are more colour choices in car paints than marine, as a rule.

Priming and Painting Blades that are Unprimed/unpainted:

Step 1: Sand with 100-180 grit sandpaper until all the shine is gone, rinse and let dry.

Step 2: Lightly prime with a spray can primer (either lacquer or enamel primer). Lacquer primer probably works best. Be careful to follow the safety instructions and adequate ventilation.

Step 3: Let dry, then apply 2 to 3 more coats and let dry in between each coat.

Step 4:
Then sand with 400 grit sandpaper, rinse and dry.

Step 5: Then apply a topcoat using either a lacquer or enamel topcoat. Important Note: If you start with a lacquer primer then use a lacquer top. If you start with an enamel primer, then use an enamel topcoat. Put on between three to five coats and let dry between each coat. No sanding between coats is required.

Step 6: Let dry a minimum of eight hours before starting a design. After the base coat has been applied use masking tape and/or stencils to apply your club design. Before painting lightly sand the area where the design will go. Then paint area of the design.

Step 7:
For maximum protection, apply a clear coat after the painting is complete.

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