Rowing Bonanza Extravaganza Giveaway Guidelines for Collaborators

Welcome to Rowing Bonanza Extravaganza 2017!

Rowperfect is hosting an international giveaway, the Rowing Bonanza Extravaganza 2017, from 10-31 October and would like to invite you to collaborate with us.

Participation involves:

  1. donating a prize
  2. promoting the giveaway to your audience of clients and social media fans.

Joining us as a collaborator for this giveaway will  increase your brand awareness, boost your newsletter subscribers, and attract more traffic to your website, shop and social media pages. This is worldwide marketing that will be both inexpensive and hassle-free for your business.

The details of the structure of the giveaway are below, including how you, as an official giveaway collaborator, can participate.

Fill out the form below to register your interest. Rowperfect really wants you on board as part of the team!


Giveaway Logistics

When will the giveaway run?

The giveaway will be held for 3 weeks from 10-31 October 2017 (GMT).

We will be hosting the giveaway on Rafflecopter, an online giveaway application that we have purchased.

Who is the giveaway targeting?

Our audience will be rowing enthusiasts and anyone who rows (indoor or outdoor), coxes, or coaches.

How can participants enter?

Entrants will fill in the entry form using their Facebook account or email. Entrants can gain multiple competition entries by completing various tasks – e.g. “Visit this Facebook page for an additional 2 entries”, “Sign up to this newsletter list for an additional 5 entries”.  

How are winners determined?

Winners will be selected randomly on November 1stEntrants can only win one of the numerous prizes (or one bundle prize) that Rowperfect and all the other collaborators contribute.

*Each company will be responsible for mailing out their respective prizes to the winner. See more under Shipping Your Prize.

Official Giveaway Collaborator (That’s you!)

Become an official Rowing Bonanza Extravaganza Collaborator simply by getting in contact with us and donating a prize! You will also need to send us a clear image of your prize and its retail value.

As a Collaborator, there are 3 tiered levels you could participate in – Bronze, Silver or Gold. Each tier offers a different level of audience engagement for your brand and business. 

To become a Collaborator of a specific tier, you’ll need to donate a prize worth a certain retail value. The more expensive the prize, the more benefit you are likely to gain from this giveaway because of the additional bonus tasks.

Bronze, Silver, & Gold Tiers

There are extra perks for those Collaborators who contribute a prize of a higher retail value. Below is a description of each of the tiers.

Bronze – All Collaborators are automatically awarded Bronze status.

You will be mentioned weekly in our giveaway marketing blog and social media posts.

Maximum retail value: $50 USD (or equivalent discount)

Silver – Silver Collaborators can gain valuable social media recognition and traffic above the Bronze level.

Includes all the benefits of Bronze PLUS.

You will have the option to add one of these entry options in the Rafflecopter form:

– “Visit [your business name]’s Facebook page” entry OR

– “Follow [your business name]’s Twitter account” entry

Maximum retail value: $200 USD

Gold – The highest tier offers your company the greatest recognition across all marketing for the giveaway, and entrants can sign-up directly to your individual mailing list.

Includes benefits of the Bronze and Silver tier PLUS.

There will be a Prize Spotlight post on Rowperfect’s social media highlighting your contribution and participation.

Have your own “Subscribe to a Mailing List” entry on Rafflecopter

Minimum retail value: $201+ USD

Register Your Interest

Determining Your Prize Donation

Collaborators can contribute to the giveaway through a variety of ways. Prize donations can include:

1. A single item within the retail value range of your desired tier

2. A selection of different items with a collective retail value reaching your desired tier (a bundle)

3. A gift voucher to your store (with real money value i.e. $20 USD off)

4. A percentage discount code (i.e. 20% off a purchase) *Note: % discount codes as prize donations automatically list collaborators as Bronze status

We’ve listed the benefits of each Collaborator tier, so which one is best for you?

Calculating the Value of Your Prize

The value of your prize is entirely up to you. It will be useful to you if you consider the average value of a customer order when you select a suitable prize to donate.

To calculate the average order amount:

Total $ of orders per month / No# of orders per month = Average order value

Let’s assume your product mark up is 50%, and your average order value is US$150.

If you donate a prize worth $150, you can consider the $75 mark up value as an investment.

US$75 exchanges to just over £50, which would get you a Rowperfect blog promotion that includes a promotional offer, photos and links back to your website.

Put simply, you can easily make up the cost of your investment if TWO new customers find you through our giveaway and place an order that’s half the average order value.


Role of Collaborators

Collaborators of any tier will follow a certain number of guidelines in addition to all the information stated above.


Rowperfect will market the giveaway on our website homepage, Facebook page, Twitter account, and to our newsletter and blog subscribers. In total, Rowperfect has an audience of 22,000+ on social.  Our website is the 4th most popular rowing site in the world with over 30,000 monthly visitors.

As a collaborator, you will need to create 5 digital marketing posts (see below).

Data Privacy Laws

Any marketing for the giveaway must comply with your country’s federal regulations and social platform regulations. Many social media sites, like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, have their own promotion guidelines.

For Gold Collaborators: If participants sign up for your individual newsletter, they must be provided with a single-step opt-out link within each newsletter.

Shipping Your Prize

At the end of the giveaway, Rowperfect will use Rafflecopter’s random drawing tool to select verified winners on November 1st. Winners will be drawn for the highest valued prizes first in descending order. We will then notify each company of their winners, along with contact information.

It is up to you, as the retailer, to set up the shipment of their prize. Please ensure that shipment begins within 7 days after the end of the giveaway.

Marketing as a Collaborator

This section contains resources for promoting the giveaway across your digital platforms. Throughout the 3 weeks of the giveaway, you’ll need to schedule at least 5 posts, marketing the giveaway.

We recommend:

    • 1 newsletter email to your subscribers
    • 2 social media posts (e.g. 1 Facebook post and 1 Tweet)
    • 2 follow-up social media posts (to remind followers of this giveaway)


  • Content to Include in Your Promotions

    • Please include the title “Rowing Bonanza Extravaganza” in all of your promotions
    • Link to the Rafflecopter giveaway at least once
    • Use the official giveaway hashtags: #OarsomeGiveaway #RowingBonanza #RowingGiveaway2017
    • Optional hashtags related to this rowing giveaway may be used.
    • Use one of our official giveaway images that will be provided to you before the giveaway begins.
    • Please include the exact end date, time, and time zone. You may change the date/time to reflect the timezone of your audience, provided it is the correct date/time internationally.
      • The date and time of the end of this giveaway is October 31st 2017, 11:59pm, GMT.

For Email Newsletters

This is one of the best avenues for reaching your current market and announcing the giveaway.

If you want to give maximum exposure of this giveaway to your subscribers, the best method is to send one newsletter a day after the giveaway starts, and another reminder newsletter just before the giveaway ends. Give your readers a full description of the giveaway, including the dates, length, prizes, and link to the Rafflecopter page.

Promoting on Facebook

Posts should be concise calls-to-action, with the Rafflecopter link embedded. We recommend a combination of the following:

1) Pin one status to the top of your Facebook page’s timeline

2) Boost your Facebook post (even $5 can make a big difference to your post’s reach!)

3) Schedule posts to update your audience throughout the giveaway. This can all be done at the beginning of the competition.

*Make sure to comply with Facebook’s promotion guidelines.

Promoting on Twitter

Tweets are short, so it’s usually best to have only 1 – 2 hashtags. Consider pinning the Tweet and including prize images.

E.g. “We’re giving away one of our [insert prize] in an #OarsomeGiveaway! [insert shortened URL] #RowingGiveaway2017 #RowingBonanza”

We will later send out a shortened Rafflecopter URL.

*Twitter’s promotion guidelines

Promoting on Instagram

You can use one of our official promotion images and hashtags to help you. Update your Instagram bio (in settings) to include the shortened link to the Rafflecopter giveaway. When publishing Instagram posts, notify your followers of the link in your bio.

*Instagram’s promotion guidelines

Timing Your Promotions

The biggest marketing pushes are best done 48 hours just after the start of the giveaway to generate excitement and inform potential participants. Another crucial time to market will be 48 hours before the end of the giveaway in order to create urgency.

After the Giveaway: Extra Opportunities for Marketing

At the end of the giveaway, once winners have been selected, Rowperfect will be sending out a mass email to all of the giveaway participants who did not win a prize that contains discount codes to Rowperfect’s online store. If you would like to generate more traffic to your website, your company may also offer a discount code that will be included in the same email.

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