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We have a loyal group of earlybird testers working their way through the Faster Masters programme:  Remember, it releases on 1 October 2016.faster-masters-logo

I have read through all the material—it really is the best sculling book out there”

Got half way through the first Faster Master video. Having worked with you, Marlene for so many years, no surprises yet.

BUT the conversations are clear and insightful. Even for me it is always good to review and think about these essential basics. The only thought/suggestion I had up front had to do with rigging the boat. I agree with all you said, but it is a challenge for those of us without the perfect rowing body.

For example, to be comfortable at the release and get through the pin, us shorter rowers need to shorten the inboard and overall oar length. I think too much of the rigging discussion focuses gearing and load, when the focus should be, like you said, on creating the comfortable platform for the “athlete” to complete a relaxed, long stroke.  The goal is getting comfortable in the right position to do the work. A tall biker or rower has a different setup to a short one.

Also in discussion a long stroke there is measured angles AND effective length. A long reach doesn’t help much if the entry takes the top quarter or more of the drive.

Professor Steven Maynard-Moody, Winner 16th Annual Marathon Rowing Champion 2005/Masters Men’s E 1x

“I don’t have a coach and am doing this alone”

I’ve been going through the videos and I find them extremely useful.

Given where I am as a single sculler, I keep going back to the first one because it’s where the basics start. Episode 2 also rings especially true because it speaks a lot about posture and the physical aspects of that and it’s something I have to work hard on whenever I sit down or sit in a boat (I slouch). There are some things that I will have to remember and keep remembering to get into the habit of sitting up better. Thank you for that (and the tips on how to do it).

I’m sorry if it’s been slow feedback, but I really do think that if you don’t have a coach and doing this alone, having an on-board camera and possibly trying to video yourself whilst trying to do what Marlene suggests is something to start with.

The lessons are well worth it in my opinion!  

Stefan Paetow

“WOW….finally got through everything”

There is so much packed into the videos, that I will have to review over & over again. It has been some time since I read “Tip of the Blade”, so it was refreshing to watch/listen to the videos. I believe the Faster Master program is the only detailed program available for master rowers.
Here are my thoughts about the series.
  • each video is packed with information
  • the videos should be viewed/listened to a number of times, as you will most likely get something new each time.
  • the transcripts are a great supplement, along with the other notes.
  • great interaction between Rebecca & Marlene. I like how Rebecca will summarize or paraphrase what Marlene is saying. Rebecca knows what to say & when to ask questions at the right time. They make a great team.
  • Marlene provides the philosophy behind the instructions or techniques she talks about & how to correct bad habits.  Often we hear phrases like, “square up early”,  “you’re opening too soon”, “you are coming up the slide too fast”, but there is no full explanation of how to correct the error as many coaches are not too clear themselves how to correct & why.
  • Marlene’s knowledge is expansive, so she can cover many “rowing” topics with experience & confidence. Even if you are not totally in line with everything that Marlene has to offer, there is still a lot of information that can be viewed objectively & practiced to achieve the desired results.
  • My blue sky ask, would be to provide videos or animations of the drills and “perfect” parts of a stroke to go along with the explanations.
  • The only CON for me is that I listened to the videos one after the other & took in all of the documentation, so it was a bit of information overload. I want to go back to the first video & take my time listening & reading until I am ready to go to the next. 🙂
I would definitely recommend the series. I hope the others enjoyed it as much as I did & can offer feedback from a different perspective. Although my rowing club has some great coaching, I will probably be doing more self coaching so I can use the series from a practical point of view. In addition, I have had the privilege of being coached by Marlene on the water & via my videos. These sessions go so much farther than what I am getting at my rowing club because there is so much more information attached to Marlene’s coaching that sticks & gives the hows & whys.
La Vern Richards

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