Explore Rowing partners wtih Rowperfect

British Rowing‘s programme – Explore Rowing – has a partnership with Rowperfect UK to get you discounts on our rowing and sculling products.

You want to keep your club growing with new members and new coaches who want to learn more about the sport. They come to you to learn rowing and sculling skills as athletes and coxswains.

Rowperfect UK is here to help you.

We help your money go further: We give you discounted prices off Coxmate products.  And our newsletter gives free advice and information for your coaching team.

Any club accredited in the Explore Rowing programme can get these discounts. List of Explore Rowing clubs.

Email us to get your discount code and we will give you a unique code to use on our online rowing store to get your discount.

  • 7.5% off all Coxmate coxing amplifiers, speed measurement and speaker wring looms
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Rowperfect supports you

This promotion applies to your club when buying equipment owned by the club – you can also use it for your members who want to buy personal equipment.

If you want to test out the equipment first, please ask. We can send you a demo.

Thank you for choosing Rowperfect products