Difference RP3 and RP3S rowing machine

I have a number of questions please :- 1. Difference between RP3, RP3S and Rowperfect Indoor Sculler. 2. UK price. 3. Where we can try it. 4. Comparisons with Oartec Slider and Concept Dynamic.


  1. RP3 is an earlier model of RP3S and was phased out in 2012.  Indoor Sculler is independently made in Australia.   The two brands parted company just before Cas Rekers, the inventor died.
  2. UK RP3 price on website shop
  3. You can try RP3 at home using our demonstration 2 week demo contact us to arrange
  4. Comparisons between different rowing machines
    1. The best site is this site which reviewed three dynamic rowing machines
    2. Difference Indoor Sculler and RP3 explained.
    3. Plus you should watch this Youtube 
    4. And an expert coach explains the difference in another video.
    5. And an article we wrote about comparisons of C2 and C2 sliders 
    6. Difference between RP and Concept

Got any other questions we can answer?

Best to read the RP3 and RP classic manuals as well so you will really see what you are buying.



    Hi Rebecca,
    In the 1st article comparing the 3 ergs, the author talks about a ”oarflex” handle. I have not seen this on my recent RP3S but it it sounds like something interesting to explore. Could you please tell if this can be mounted on an existing RP3S and where I can purchase it ? Thanks !

    • Rebecca Caroe

      The OarFlex handle is sold by the people who make the rival “Indoor Rower” from Australia. I’m guessing it can be switched onto any machine. It has a spring in the connection to the chain so it takes the load up at the catch designed to mimic the way a oar flexes as it takes the strain when first placed under the water’s surface.

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