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Boat Cover 1x


Boat Cover for single scull (1x) with full length zip and padded liner.  Made from UV resistant Sunbrella fabric.

These bags are designed to be used while the boat is either rigged or un-rigged. It has velcro to join the sides around the rigger stays. Perfect for boats stored outdoors.

Each cover has integral red flag on stern for use when trailering.

Each bag is designed to perfectly fit your boat. This necessitates accurate measurements. We have template designs for many boat builders including BBG, Carl Douglas, Empacher, Fluidesigns, Fillippi, Hudson, Janousek, Staempfli, Sykes, Vespoli, Win Tech.

Boat sizes vary by year of manufacture, hull shape and boat weight.

This information should be on the manufacturers plate on your boat. Please tell us

  • Boat Year
  • Hull design / shape
  • Weight of athlete

You may need to measure your boat if we don’t have a pattern stored for its design. Measurement information and tips are on the boat bags page .


Light colours: Natural off white; silver, light grey, khaki, light blue

Mid colours: Yellow, orange, red, marine blue, bright pink, moss green

Dark colours: Forest green, purple, navy blue, black.

Please state preferred colour when ordering.

Delivery takes 6-8 weeks. But since these are custom made by a third party supplier, Rowperfect UK cannot control delivery dates.

This bag will fit boats made by Vespoli, Hudson, Carl Douglas, Stampfli, Fluid Design, Empacher, Filippi, Pocock, Swift & Wintech.  Ask us about other boat manufacturer brands or send us your measurements.