Coxmate’s range of electronic assistants for coxswains was built for YOU, designed out of frustration from other products that broke or didn’t function as we wanted.  We bring modern electronics technology to coxing amplification and speed measurement.

Coxless Boats 

The Coxmate HC is for coxless boats.  Light and compact, it mounts into your boat on a standard wiring loom and includes a neat on/off switch as well as magnetic pick-ups for rating and the speed impeller. Uniquely its distance per stroke and heart rate functions help you track your training intensity and stroke effectiveness.

HC impeller compared to NK impeller
Micro impeller below
Coxmate HC
Features Include:-

  • Configurable display with: rating, speed, time, distance, average speed, distance, stroke count, distance per stroke, heart rate & ratio (min/max speed per stroke)
  • Integral pick up for Polar Heart Rate monitors
  • Takes AAA batteries: giving around 1.5 years runtime without backlight or around 100 hours runtime with backlight
  • Substantial memory for storing data
  • Real-time clock for time/date stamping
  • Ability to display data concurrently on two HC units
  • Mounting bracket works with NK* products
  • Includes auxiliary switch input, which can be used to start, stop and reset timer.  Mountable for foot or leg operation
  • HC micro impeller reduces hull drag and damage and weed issues
  • Optional PC link and analysis software 

All Coxmate products are fully compatible with NK* boat wiring systems. Coxmate HC brochure.  Use 2 metre cable for 1x, 2x, 2- boats and 5 meter for 4x, 4-.

Buy Coxmate HC now.
Buy Coxmate HC Mounting bracket 2 meter or 5 meter cable

Coxed Boats: Audio Amplifier Units

There are three levels of Coxmate coxing amplification:

  • AA+ –  audio + stroke rate, timer 
  • SX – audio + stroke rate + GPS speed sensor + PC link option

Here is a link to all the News articles about Coxmate. Have a look at our page of photos of Coxmates and accessories including the Coxmate Car Charger, replacement batteries and sealing glands for watertight compartments in rowing boats.

Coxmate SX

Coxmate SX with GPS

Coxmate SX gives you speed measurement using GPS

The most sophisticated of all the rowing amplifier units on the market and has inbuilt GPS.  It displays rating, stroke count, time, speed, distance and cover (distance travelled per stroke).

Measure boat speed with the inbuilt GPS or an optional impeller fitted, which can be calibrated using the GPS.  Software allows post-outing analysis for coaches.

This is the unit for club crews and internationals who need boat speed feedback in order to improve their rowing technique and skills.  It is used by the GB, Australian and German 8s.

Read more, including Coxmate SX brochure & SX specifications…..

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Coxmate AA+

Coxmate AA Plus - low cost amplifier with rate and timing. rowing, coxing
Coxmate AA Plus – low cost amplifier with rate and timing.

The Coxmate AA+ designed for club coxes gives you amplification, stroke rate and a stopwatch.

You’ll find it durable and easy to use.  It’s the closest match to an NK Cox Box* from our range.

Its tough waterproof box floats and has an adjustable mounting bracket and a foam adapter to fit the NK cup.  The microphone connects with a robust waterproof jack. A radio input jack is provided as standard for coaches to speak direct to the crew with a radio handset [not supplied].

This has a battery life of around 60% longer than NK – lasting up to 8 hours – that’s four outings!  The battery automatically powers down if the speakers are disconnected. Volume settings are remembered between outings.

All Coxmate products are fully compatible with NK* rowing boat wiring systems.

The AA+ Kit includes mounting bracket, battery charger, carry case and syringe of silicone grease. [It does not include wiring loom and speakers].

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Download the Coxmate AA+ manual. Check out our page of photos of Coxmates and accessories including the Coxmate Car Charger and replacement batteries.

*Patent Applied For.

Specification details for Coxmate

PC Analysis Software

The PC software package enables data collected by the SX and HC to be uploaded to a PC and analysed. The package includes software CD, an adaptor for connecting to SX or HC with a D9 serial connector and a serial-USB converter.
Features Include:

  • Automatic time and date stamping of records
  • Ability to annotate records with details of crew, weather, etc
  • Graph up to four variables, plotted against either: time, distance or stroke count
  • Graph up to four records, as either a single chart or four separate graphs
  • Zoom for precise reading of any point on graph
  • Display synchronized video on screen with dynamic graph.

Buy Coxmate Software for HC

Buy Coxmate Software for SX

Wiring Loom and Speakers

8s Wiring Loom

Using a Coxmate Wiring Loom gives you 4 speakers in an eight – providing even sound volume throughout the boat, and enabling the cox to communicate with his crew but not the competing crew alongside!

This allows four speakers for an eight and two speakers for a four.  The wiring is modular enabling each speaker section to be separately tested and maintained.

They are more robust than other designs, the speakers are smaller and mount flush with the boat (no bracket to bend) and the sound quality is higher.  Boat Classes & loom options.

The wiring loom design includes:

  • All connectors are fitted with metal clamps for strain relief (protects against damage during connection/disconnection).
  • The wiring is modular and so if one speaker fails, it is easy to replace that section alone.
  • Speakers are slim, waterproof and mounted directly onto the boat without brackets thus maintaining direction of sound.
  • All cables are double insulated to provide additional mechanical protection.
  • All copper wires are tinned to reduce corrosion.
  • All connectors are fitted with visual markers to assist in aligning of two halves during connection – “join the yellow dots”.
  • Main connector is fitted with a retentive cap. This is used to protect connector when it is disconnected from the control unit.

All NK* cox amplification systems can be used with Coxmate wiring looms. The fitments to join the wires are the same and they are fully compatible.

Maintain the watertight sealed compartments in your rowing boats, Coxmate offers sealing glands so that you can retro-fit Coxmate Wiring Looms to your existing boat fleet. The Coxmate Glands are supplied in two parts, Split cable gland insert and retainer. This enables you to unseal the gland at a later date if you need to get into the sealed compartment or replace part of the modular harness. No expoxy permanent glue required.

A split cable gland for sealing cables through bulkheads. This has two parts: a retainer which is epoxied into bulkhead (a hole between 27 and 32mm diameter is required.) The cables can then be fitted into split gland – without removing connectors and the gland pushed into retainer. The gland will take up to 2x 5mm, 1×4.5mm, 1x4mm, 1×3.6mm and 1×2.5mm diameter cables. The gland can be fitted without the retainer – it requires a 25mm hole.

Specification details for Coxmate and the Coxmate Loom Wiring Diagram

Coxmate prices

Audio coxswain amplifiers:

SX speed measurement options:

Coxless boat speed measurement:

Coxmate Modular Wiring looms:

Spare Parts

We also sell spare batteries, car chargers, microphones and NK ‘flowerpot’ adapter foam plugs so you can use Coxmate in a boat fitted with a circular hole for a cox box.  All the modular wiring loom sections are available for sale separately on the Coxmate shop.

*NK is a trademark name of Nielsen-Kellerman

7 thoughts on “Coxmate

    • Rebecca Caroe says:

      Andrzej – we don’t actually sell speed coaches as they are not made by Coxmate. But the Coxmate SX has GPS. The Coxless boat option is an HC and it is in the pipeline to get GPS on that – but not for a while. Did that answer your question?

  1. Jonathon says:

    As a coach I would really like to stop shouting from the river bank. Is their a wireless system which can patch me into the speaker on board my boats or allow me to deliver instructions to the cox.

    • Alastair Isherwood says:

      Hi Jonothan, I know this is a long time after you asked the question but Coxmate has a model called the “SX” which has a socket in the front where you can plug a radio. Pair up another and your voice (along with the cox) is passed onto the crew. Really simple and works very well. Cheers,

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