Get your cox up to speed with GPS

The Coxmate SX is a regular coxswain amplifier with a fantastic inbuilt GPS.

This means you get both audio amplification and GPS capabilities in the one unit. It’s the most sophisticated rowing amplifier unit on the market. The SX has an inbuilt GPS to measure stroke rates, time, boat speed, distance covered per stroke, total distance covered and of course – split times.

As the Coxmate SX uses GPS technology, the fiddle-faddle of the weed-grabbing impellers is gone.

It’s cheaper, lighter and better featured than the equivalent Nielsen Kellerman product. In fact, to match the Coxmate SX’s features you’d have to purchase 2 separate NK Units (The NK SpeedCoach GPS & NK CoxBox Mini).

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“It was useful to have a split and exact distance rowed within the boat to feed back to the rowers.”

Lauren Greeves of Aberdeen Boat Club

“It is fantastic tool to have in the boat when you are grinding out long, hard mileage. I was able to give instant feedback to the crew on how we were travelling. Personally I found the distance per stroke function really useful. Often during a piece you are able to give the crew speeds, however, in an eight you aren’t always going to get massive speed change that will give you a second or two. But with distance per stroke you can get very precise feedback which links into how the boat is moving.”

Caroline O’Connor GBR Olympic Coxswain

Want readings more accurate than GPS and you’re willing to put the time in to set up the impeller? Good news then. The Coxmate SX is compatible with both Coxmate and NK impellers.

If you’ve coxed for a while or been in charge of looking after electronics for rowing then you’ll appreciate good battery life. The Coxmate can last 8 hours of continuous GPS recording and Audio Amplification – The NK units can only last 8 hours doing just one of these.

The Coxmate SX weighs just 450g – The NK SpeedCoach + CoxBox Mini weighs 710g. Not only does the NK solution weigh over 250g more, there’s also the hassle of having to look after multiple units.

The Coxmate SX is built to survive. It’s waterproof to international standard IP67. This means it can withstand immersion up to a depth of 2m. The Coxmate SX can also survive falls of up to 1.5m on concrete.  But don’t drop it intentionally!

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Price Breakdown – Coxmate vs Nielsen Kellerman

Coxmate SX £550 (Includes: SX control unit, charger, microphone, grease, carry case and adjustable mounting base).
NKSpeedCoach GPSNK CoxBox Mini £289£340 (Includes: SpeedCoach GPS unit, charger, mounting bracket, carry pouch, lanyard, mounting strap and colour protective bumper)(Includes: Cox Box control unit, charger and protective bumpers and microphone).

Total Price

Coxmate £550
Nielsen Kellerman (Speedcoach GPS + CoxBox Mini) £629


“The GPS function was very useful. It gives out the same data readings as an impeller would (assuming you’re rowing on a flat lake), but the attraction of no set-up time, and instant data values is preferable. I like the way the timer has three ways of starting – double tap to go, tap and wait for the stroke’s seat sensor, or push and hold for a 10 second countdown timer. I have used the Coxmate PC analysis software constantly since getting the Coxmate. It is a massively useful visual aid for seeing a crew’s consistency, and seeing how effective they were at letting the boat work for them.  

The athletes enjoyed hearing the splits generated with the GPS, and being able to use that as a marker when doing pieces. The rates were also helpful, as it gives a greater resolution to the stroke rate by displaying the rate to 0.1, it gives a greater idea of how controlled the crew is at maintaining rate and rhythm.”

Rory Copus GB U23 Coxswain

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