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Shopping List Rowing Clothes for Winter

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There’s a good Rowing Reddit community and this question was posted recently – What clothes to wear in winter? I need to look into rowing kit for when I go out onto the river. As I’ve just joined I use my gym top and shorts but that just won’t do in the winter when it […]

6 Ways to Treat a Rowing Blister

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What happens if despite your best efforts you finish the row with a new set of blisters? Rowing blisters are our most common injury.  Many are the theories and practices but here’s what I do and what I advise my athletes to do: The blister is still raised and filled with fluid.  Use a sterilised […]

Get ready for the new season

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Hooray it’s time to go rowing again!  In the northern hemisphere the autumn is time to get going in big boats ready for fall head racing and long distance training. But wait, your rowing club needs work first The equipment maintenance plan is essential to do first – before anything else. So set about organising […]

The grip in rowing technique

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Grip is the way we hold the handles of the oar as we row. The oar is the lever we use to move the boat; the grip connects us to the oar and thus to the water. The better our grip, the better our control of the oar and the better we transfer our power. […]

The recovery in rowing technique

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The importance of the recovery and how it fits in the rowing and sculling stroke The rowing recovery is the part of the stroke where the rowers let the boat move and prepare for the next stroke. This happens during the time the blades are out of the water: from the time the blades are […]

The finish in rowing technique

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The finish is the final part of the drive where the rower draws the handle(s) in towards his body. The finish is also where the blade is taken out of the water. The finish occurs at that point in the stroke when the boat is moving at its fastest and the blades change from applying […]

The drive in rowing technique

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The drive phase is the part of the stroke where the athletes move the boat. This happens during the time the blades are in the water: from the time the blades are placed in the water at the catch to the time that the blades are extracted from the water at the finish. The drive […]

The catch in rowing technique

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The catch is the placing of the blade in the water at the end of the recovery. The rowing catch technique is also the connection of the blade to the water, the connection of the rower’s power to the boat at the beginning of the drive. It lies between the recovery where the hull is […]

Posture in rowing technique

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Sit up Posture is the way you hold yourself as you row. Good rowing posture has the pelvis in a neutral position i.e. tilted in line with the lower spine. NEUTRAL – pelvis and lower spine aligned. Lower back is FLAT. ‘ROUNDED COUCH POTATO’ – pelvis tilted back more than lower spine. Lower back is […]

Prygl Rowing Camps for rowing technique

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Are you a Masters rower who wants to boost his technique under the guidance of world class coaches? Are you interested in getting hands-on experience with rowing data analysis tools? Are you looking for a different rowing camp? Are you interested in combining a week of rowing with a city trip to Vienna, Prague, or […]