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The rowing stroke catch – a millisecond

The catch is one of the most important parts of the rowing stroke and it’s over in a fraction of time. It probably takes between 0.3-04 second for the catch to be executed. And during that timeframe, the athlete has to steady themselves into the front, have the blade square, turn their core on, put […]

Masters 1k racing training programme

1K Racing: A 3-month training programme for athletes preparing to race 1000-metre events

We know winter isn’t over yet – but many masters rowers will be starting to look forward to summer 1k racing.  The Masters National championships and of course the FISA Masters regatta in Sarasota, FL, USA during September 2018. Today we have published our first ever training programme ebook 1K Racing – a 3 month training […]

Robbie Manson’s sculling style

Robbie Manson at the catch, poised (with a relaxed neck and shoulders), powerful, connected, maximally compressed in his legs like a coiled spring. The beginning of the drive: as the legs begin driving the hips back, his back immediately works hard against the legs, the spine elongating itself, reaching its maximum length below left : […]

Sims Evolution Boat Bag going CHEEP!!

Burnham Boat , 1x single boat bag

We have a Sims Evolution padded single scull boat bag to sell. It is stern-mounted wing rigger design in navy blue with red ends for the 60-75 Kg Lightweight hull.  It is full sunbrella UV resistant fabric, lined with padded fabric (like a duvet for your boat). Make us an offer if you’d like to buy.  […]

Teaching the swing for rowing stroke

Coaching Rowing Swing

In Marlene’s description of the sculling stroke she describes preferring applying the swing earlier in the stroke than what other coaches have instructed (legs, back, arms)  please provide the rationale for this preference. Marlene Royle’s answer: I do not coach an extremely segmented style, I coach a more collected style emphasizing drive suspension and body […]

Boat set-up for the inflexible

Rowing rigging, rowing inflexible,

Marlene Royle has some rigging tips for situations when you have an athlete who is not flexible and finds it hard to get into the correct position for rowing.  These originated in the Rowing Technique and Aging podcast episode. And are covered in more detail in the Adapting Technique ebook.  First set the heights Marlene advises […]

Jimmy Joy – the Two Wholes – mind and body and rowing

Jimmy Joy book Quantum Sculler

Jimmy Joy is the ‘thinking’ coach, focused on mind, body and rowing.  He integrates the psychological with the physical in his thinking and in his coaching. In November 2017 he presented to the Rowing Coaching Conference in Sarasotsa USA “The Two Wholes / The Two Holes”.  In this slide deck which he has generously shared […]

More tips on improving the recovery

Sculling technique the recovery.

One of our most popular posts is about how to improve the recovery.   A reader asked this great supplementary question: How do jelly legs if the same muscles need to move you up the slide to the catch? When the boat already has momentum from your previous power stroke, you will find that you can […]

British Rowing points system critiques

Melvin Harbour fixed the British Rowing points system

The opportunity for mathematicians and rowers to collaborate is not a frequent occurrence.  Yet the rollout of the new UK points system continues and the results of the Scullers Head were the first big event – Richard Phillips on Facebook wrote this observation. Nearly a month has gone by since the Scullers head and this […]

RowingChat: Rowing Technique and Aging

Rowing technique and aging

Masters rowing is one of the fastest growing parts of the sport.  Yet aging places compromises onto the rowing and sculling stroke. Expert masters rowing coach, Marlene Royle joins Rebecca Caroe on this episode of RowingChat to discuss rowing technique and aging. Listen to RowingChat Technique and Aging on SoundCloud Timestamps to the interview 01:00 […]