New Masters Rowing advice series

By Rebecca Caroe

We’re very excited to be publishing the Faster Masters products now in individual chapter form.  Having got feedback from our readers, we realise that some people would prefer to buy what they need NOW rather than a full Faster Masters membership programme. And so today we’re releasing each episode from Faster Masters Gold membership individually. […]

Eucatape for rowing blister prevention

A user reviews Blister Tape for Rowing

By Tabhitha Tang

Eucatape is an innovative blister prevention tape that has hit the rowing market with quite a splash. Originally designed for drummers, the brains behind Eucatape have developed a version of the tape specifically for rowers! What makes Eucatape for Rowin’ so unique is the cooling, soothing anti-inflammatory properties found within the fibres of the tape […]

Rowing physiotherapists are essential

By Rebecca Caroe

Following up on our post about rowing seat pad stops hamstring pain, we had expert comments from Rowing Expert Physiotherapist, Greg Spooner. I’m a US-based physiotherapist in San Diego, California (, and I’ve had this very discussion many times with my client pool of rowing athletes who come to me from all over the USA […]

Rowing pair capsize

Capsize drill – how to get back in a rowing boat after flipping

By Rebecca Caroe

Today we are going to look at several different videos teaching how to get back into a rowing boat after having fallen in. British Rowing official capsize drill The first minute shows a capsize using a camera on the boat Note the athlete is fully submerged and then pulls her feet out of the shoes […]

Rowing using the Alexander Technique

By Rebecca Caroe

Rowing Technique from a Holistic Perspective is a personal insight into whole-body rowing from an expert Alexander Technique and Tai-chi teacher, Jonathan Drake. If you have ever had an injury, you will know how challenging this was to recover from.  Jonathan Drake shares his insights into how to make rowing “easier” on the body with […]