Sculling lighter

By Rebecca Caroe

Rowperfect was privileged to be given this email exchange between Jim Joy (Rowperfect author) and one of his athletes.  Read and enjoy a contemplative rowing read. Good Morning Coach.. Think we got enough snow eh? So this piece is spot on..the touch of the hand to the handle, the way we present ourselves to the […]

NK GPS and Coxmate GPS

The 2016 rowingmusings Rowing Tech Xmas list

By Rebecca Caroe

Tom Carter’s latest blog about what he wants from Santa Well it’s the time of year for a Good wish list, so I thought I’d throw together a short list of some of the better gadgets out there for rowers just in case anyone needed a last minute idea for a present! Strokemeter choices NK […]

rowing Coach giving sculling instruction on the land

How valuable is sculling without a coach watching?

By Rebecca Caroe

“How valuable is sculling without a coach watching?  Meaning, if I have opportunities to scull in a team boat with a coach should I do that instead of rowing my 1x alone?” That’s a great question. Rowing has two parts to it as a sport – guided practice and solo training.  You need to learn […]

Confident sculling let go of handle at catch

3 ways to improve your catch timing

By Rebecca Caroe

Placing the oar in the water at the catch at the correct time is hard to do so today we share 3 ways to improve your skill.  Quarter Slide Push Drill – Starting from catch position blades are placed into the water and one quarter (6 inches) of the slide is covered just by pushing […]

Masters rowers – want to get faster?

By Rebecca Caroe

Announcing Faster Masters the Rowing Coaching membership service for masters rowers and scullers developed with expert coach Marlene Royle.. It is called Faster Masters and will launch to the public on 1 October 2016. What is Faster Masters? The programme is 7 “lessons” each comprising a video and transcript plus some additional guides written as pdf ebooks. […]

Christo Redentor rowing

Blogs about Rowing

By Rebecca Caroe

Prompted by a great question on the World Rowing LinkedIn Group I thought Rowperfect should compile a list of Rowing Bloggers.  Please add others in the comments and we will add to this resource. Rowing Education Rowperfect is the Rowing Education blog covering coaching, training, coxing Athlete Rowing Blogs Julien Bahrain – French speaking Canadian international […]