Difference RP3 and RP3S rowing machine

By Rebecca Caroe

I have a number of questions please :- 1. Difference between RP3, RP3S and Rowperfect Indoor Sculler. 2. UK price. 3. Where we can try it. 4. Comparisons with Oartec Slider and Concept Dynamic. Answers RP3 is an earlier model of RP3S and was phased out in 2012.  Indoor Sculler is independently made in Australia. […]

How to Coach using Rowperfect updated

By Rebecca Caroe

If you have bought a copy of our ebook How to Coach Using Rowperfect – we’ve updated the book and so you should log into your Rowperfect shop account and download a new edition. The changes are all URL links – we were told some Adobe readers stripped out the hyperlinks and you can’t see […]

We sell RP3s (again)

By Rebecca Caroe

Important news for the UK – we are now authorised to sell RP3 rowing machines. After a break, Care RP3 have reappointed Rowperfect UK to their UK agency.  Please get in touch if you’d like to discuss ordering.

The difference between RP and Concept

By Rebecca Caroe

I also want to know the difference between RP and Concept, because I want to take part in a Concept race but have to train on RP. I use the Care Rowperfect and ask you for some information: What does the chain-position mean? How should I use the disc resistance? Actually I use the second largest […]

What you get to retro fit a Rowperfect monitor

By Rebecca Caroe

Rowperfect monitor mounts are easy to retro-fit to an RP3-S or Rowperfect Classic.  We did several this week and so I thought I’d show you the “pack” and what you get in the kit. Here are the formal instructions for RP3 retro-fit. You have to buy Android Tablet On The Go Cable The tablet computer […]

Introducing Irish Republic expert for Rowperfect

By Rebecca Caroe

We’re delighted to introduce Pat Churchard who will represent us in Ireland – so for locals who want to get local shipping in Eire and not pay UK VAT, he’s your perfect contact. He was at the Athlone Regatta and bumped into old mucker Niall….. recognise this face?  Niall O’Toole with the Coxmate GPS. We […]

Are Rowperfect spare parts available? Yes they are!

By Rebecca Caroe

A friend has access to a Rowperfect Classic machine and wants to put it back to functioning. Needs a chain and probably a new bearing on the flywheel. Are parts still available with instructions on repair? Costs? Yes all the spare parts which are specialist are listed on our website shop under Rowperfect and RP3 […]

Heavyweight Resources for Lightweights

By Jeremy Peskey

Ahead of our next RowingChat, with Princeton Lightweights coach – Bill Manning, we thought we would share some of our excellent content for lightweights! From training tips, through to correct weight management and dietary suggestions, we’ve got it all! Here’s a quick round-up of some handy resources, specifically for lightweights, which you can find (mostly*) free on […]

The Rowing Buyer’s Guide eBook Series

By Emelie Tillack

We’re launching a new eBook series called “The Buyer’s guide”. In these eBooks, we take a closer look at different rowing equipment and guide you through all options on the market. These eBooks are meant to cover everything you need to know before purchasing a specific piece equipment. Let Rowperfect do all the thinking for you! […]