RP3 Bluetooth connector

RP3 Bluetooth software – how to connect

By Rebecca Caroe

RP3 latest innovation is a bluetooth connection from the RP3 interface to the tablet screen.  From November 2017 onwards, all RP3s are supplied with Bluetooth connectivity. The bluetooth kit is hidden within the neck of the machine. The only visible difference from the outside is a socket for connecting the tablet with a lead if […]

RP3 Monitor retrofit guide 3

Rowing data analysis made easy

By Rebecca Caroe

A guest article by Tom Carter from Rowing Musings blog Rowperfect – connecting a tablet and how to upload your workouts to Rowsandall/Strava/TrainingPeaks The Rowperfect was the first (and arguably still the best) Dynamic ergo available to rowers, unlike the more common “static” ergo like the standard Concept 2 with a seat that is free […]

Teaching rowing co-ordination

By Rebecca Caroe

One of the hardest things to coach in rowing and sculling is co-ordination. How to move in time with other people in the boat.  This is particularly hard to teach in a wobbly rowing boat where the coach cannot get close up to position the athletes’ bodies. RP3 is the rowing machine that feels like […]

2k ergo test

Can training on RP improve 2k C2 scores?

By Rebecca Caroe

Tim McLaren writes from UTS Haberfield Rowing Club in Australia. Have you improved athletes scores on a Concept2 2k test while having them train on the RP3? Yes I have club guys and girls training on the RP3 a lot and improving C2 scores. You need to have confidence to follow this RP3 as the […]

Force Curve RP3 showing current stroke and previous stroke overlay

In-boat force curves for rowing and sculling

By Rebecca Caroe

Following our article about testing Rowing Force Curve analysis in a rowing tank, we got a great question from Graham Spittle Fascinating stuff and Helen’s angles and power curves are so consistent. I have a C2 so can get one dimensional power curves to some extent but not sculling differentials of power/angles for bow/stroke-side. I’m a […]

SAS Institute, British Rowing, Helen Glover rowing in the tank at Royal Albert Dock, London

Rowing force curve analysis

By Rebecca Caroe

Although often thought of as a “pulling” sport, in fact, rowing is much more dependent on the “pushing” forces of a rower’s legs. To demonstrate this, SAS, the Official Analytics Partner of British Rowing,  invited double Olympic champion Helen Glover to row in an indoor practice tank rigged with sensors on the oars and footplates. […]

How to find your Maximum Heart Rate for Rowing

By Rebecca Caroe

How do I get my RP3 monitor to pick up a HR from my Garmin HR monitor reading? I can get the RP3 monitor display for HR, but no pulse! How do I synchronize the devices? Thank you! Seems you need a Polar Bluetooth to sync with Android tablet.  I have tried two different Polar […]