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Teaching rowing co-ordination

One of the hardest things to coach in rowing and sculling is co-ordination. How to move in time with other people in the boat.  This is particularly hard to teach in a wobbly rowing boat where the coach cannot get close up to position the athletes’ bodies. RP3 is the rowing machine that feels like […]

I want a used Rowperfect monitor

I am looking to purchase a used rowperfect monitor. Please let me know when one is available. Thank you! I’m guessing you have an RP3 machine built before the monitor was added? You can buy a monitor and retro fit it yourself to an RP3 and RP3S machine buy RP3 monitor now. You don’t need to […]

Add a force curve template to RP3 ergdata app

It’s now possible to set an ideal ‘template’ curve on your RP3 monitor using the RP3 Ergdata app. The curve is defined by 3 parameters – stroke length, force and peak force position. Touch the screen where the force curve displays (left side in the graph) and the Curve Options screen appears.  Select ‘Static’ for your […]

Rowperfect classic Monitor retro-fit options

We’ve had some customers get in touch asking if the new RP3 monitor will retro fit to the RP classic machine. There are two conditions which must be met You need an interface with the RP3W software on it [it won’t work with the RPW software on reprogrammed DOS interfaces] You need to have “boomerang” […]

iOS and Android apps for RP3 and Rowperfect

We’re delighted to announce two apps for your Apple or Android phone which are designed for Rowperfect and RP3.  Both apps work with the RP3W interface (this retro-fits to a RP classic).  [Update Jan 2015:  Care RP3 are no longer supporting Ritmo Time and will not sell the connecting ANT device] IoS App – Ritmo […]

Porting Rowperfect DOS to Linux and OS X

We got this email from Alistair Leighton-Crawford (former GB lightweight) who’s a skilful geek and has produced a work-around to get the Rowperfect DOS software onto mobile phones.   As usual I’m a great advocator of the [RP3] machine and think it’s a no-brainer to success – though you need to be technically minded to […]

1st Look at RP3 with Monitor

We’ve had confirmation that four RP3s with monitor will be supplied to Henley Royal Regatta for use in the athletes warm up tent. And even better news, the manufacturer doesn’t want to take them home to Holland so they’re available for sale NOW on our store. Rowperfect discounts and no shipping fees We have added […]

Rowperfect with Monitor coming to Henley

We’re very excited that the first RP3 units with integral monitors will be available at Henley Womens Regatta (20-22 June) and Henley Royal Regatta (from qualifiers to Sunday 6th July) for you to test out. They’ll be in the crew warm-up area at HWR and in the Boat Tents and we hope you’ll plan to […]