Buyers Guide: quick release rowing rigger fittings

By Jeremy Peskey

There is often a substantial opportunity cost associated with removing conventional wing riggers in order to maximise the storage space in the boathouse. Many athletes and crews will argue the time taken to dismantle each boat after the session comes at a high price for the amount of space gained. How much space is gained […]

RowingHack: Teaching Adult Beginners Crew Rowing

By Rebecca Caroe

As an athlete, you are told that if you don’t change you won’t improve. Shouldn’t that apply equally to coaches? So, as a coach, let me ask you a simple question: “When and what were the last two things you did to change the method or the content of your coaching?” Some excellent work has been done […]

Can I make my own Rowperfect bar?

By Rebecca Caroe

We have an RP Classic and are located in Western Australia, can we buy a replacement bar or is there a cheap way to avoid shipping metal around the world? The full spare parts list for the RP Classic is here. Box Section stainless steel 3mm is what you buy for the bar.  You’ll need 2 meters […]

Need more boathouse storage?

By rp-admin

Is your boathouse so jammed full of equipment that you can’t actually move inside it? Do you struggle find the right equipment when you need it? Don’t worry, we’re sure you’re not alone. When your club boatshed houses 40+ pairs of sculls, it can seem impossible to keep everything stored neatly, right? Does this look familiar? […]

How do you label your boat racks?

By Rebecca Caroe

A reader asks us “We’ve got a brand new boat house full of pristine racks. I’d be interested in how other boat clubs label their boat racks. We’ve got a lovely new boathouse and new racking, and are loathe to simply slap on sticky labels (which is what we did in the past).” Great question […]

A GoPro stand for your boat: RowingHack

By Rebecca Caroe

Thanks to the wonderful Adam Bruce and the Row2k crowd for this great post about how to make a great value GoPro mount for your boat.  He estimates it costs about US$35 which is under £28 by my reckoning. I particularly like the fact that it’s a temporary stand – no holes are drilled in the […]

RowingHack: Rowperfect cable hack

By Rebecca Caroe

Thanks to the University of London Boat Club for sharing this neat hack to keep the cable from your Rowperfect or RP3 dragging on the floor.  Typically a dragging cable can be a trip hazard or a break in the the cable and the wire parting company near the plug / socket and you having […]