Rowsandall Rowing Data Analysis OFFER

By Rowperfect UK

There is no shortage of training advice for rowers. “Train more”, “Avoid the black hole”, “Train smarter” (whatever that means), “Train like the Danes”, “Avoid junk meters”.  The best research has found that what works best for one rower might not work for another. So what can you do? Plan. Execute. Measure. Adjust. Repeat. Today […]

rowing data heart rate

Data Integrity: when to trust your rowing data?

By jrzaleski

Verifying the Accuracy of Measurements-Introduction In my last post on tracking rowing data, I received a comment regarding the accuracy and measurement of observations—heart rate, in particular. This provided me with an idea to evaluate the best way I know how: take some measurements and compare to establish an estimate of data integrity. One of […]

SAS Institute, British Rowing, Helen Glover rowing in the tank at Royal Albert Dock, London

Rowing force curve analysis

By Rebecca Caroe

Although often thought of as a “pulling” sport, in fact, rowing is much more dependent on the “pushing” forces of a rower’s legs. To demonstrate this, SAS, the Official Analytics Partner of British Rowing,  invited double Olympic champion Helen Glover to row in an indoor practice tank rigged with sensors on the oars and footplates. […]

RowingChat: Data analysis for rowing with Sander Roosendaal

By Rebecca Caroe

Streamed live on March 5th, 2017 Sander is a leader in the field of rowing analytics and has created the website to enable others to upload and review rowing data in order to improve their training outcomes. Timestamps for topics in the podcast. 0:01 introductions and background in rowing and data analysis 0:02 What got you […]

Why train if you can’t measure progress?

By Rebecca Caroe

Feedback from a customer who just started using the Coxmate GPS software. The software is amazing!  In my humble opinion (as a professional marketer) I think you maybe missing a trick here as to how you are selling your products.  At the moment you seem to be focusing on the hardware – nobody actually wants […]

Coxmate GPS tutorials

By Rebecca Caroe

GPS Analysis Software tutorial – for analysis. Helpful links here: Getting started with Coxmate GPS: GPS Navigation Assist: For when you want to map a course (perfect for head races) Note: The login is granted when you register a new device.  To do that go here and input your Coxmate GPS serial number (it’s on […]