US Rowing is in trouble – here’s a remedy

By Rebecca Caroe

The mud has flown around the internet as the US Rowing board resigned, got reinstated, they fired their High performance Director and complaints and demeanours were aired in public. Whatever governance issues US Rowing has (and we hope they get sorted out), there is a bigger more visible problem.  The US Rowing mens team won […]

diagram to show common errors at the catch

Coaching the catch in rowing

By Rebecca Caroe

Coaching “The Catch” a guest post by HowardtheCoach If you Google the term “catch” you find “intercept and hold (something which has been thrown, propelled, or dropped”) and in rowing “the catch” is precisely about intercepting and holding the moving interface between the boat and the water. It is a simple term for a subtly complex concept, […]

RowingChat with Phil Simmons

By Peter Stromberg

In the next episode of RowingChat, we welcome Phil Simmons, previous Olympic rower and now head of rowing at Kingston Grammar School. Join RowingChat with Phil Simmons Phil Simmons has a long involvement in rowing from Junior team representation at the World Championships through to U23 and the Athens Olympics. Phil Simmons started rowing with […]

J16 girls eight rigging rowing shell

How to rig a J16 girls rowing eight

By Rebecca Caroe

Just wondering if you have any advice for setting up a J16 junior girls 8+ rigging and oar length? I would say 4 of them are lightweight size and 4 heavyweight? Thanks Thanks for your question – we have a quick answer and a longer one. The quick answer is to copy what a known […]

I’m considering buying a rowing GPS

By Rebecca Caroe

I’m considering buying a Coxmate GPS, but firstly could you answer a few questions? 1. What is the measurable range of stroke rates? NK and ActiveTools versions measure 6-99 spm or 15-55 spm. How does the Coxmate GPS compare? 2. How heavy is the device? Your website says 350g but the downloadable Coxmate GPS brochure […]

What boats suit recreational rowing?

By Rebecca Caroe

“I would like to hear your opinion of alternatives to racing shells for recreational slide seat rowing. I’m mainly thinking of wherry’s such as those from Clc or Angus rowing but would be curious of other alternative to follow the sport in a recreational way.” I have little personal experience with recreational sliding seat rowing […]

rowing Static erg versus dynamic erg explained.

Why does the erg cause more aches and pains than rowing boat

By Rebecca Caroe

A reader asks “how come there are more “aches and pains” on the erg than in a boat?  And how can one correct that? my knees don’t do well on an erg, my High School kids also have more problems like more ice packs on the erg. I know Rowperfect are rowers–but just asking as erging goes hand […]

How to Coach using Rowperfect updated

By Rebecca Caroe

If you have bought a copy of our ebook How to Coach Using Rowperfect – we’ve updated the book and so you should log into your Rowperfect shop account and download a new edition. The changes are all URL links – we were told some Adobe readers stripped out the hyperlinks and you can’t see […]