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When sleep is not giving rowing recovery

Athlete asleep

I have a question involving rowing recovery. Basically I hate going to bed sore and waking up feeling worse, and I’m wondering what is the best position to sleep in and how to potentially use pillows as support for my traps lats and lower back? We took this question from a reader to our expert […]

Wind Apps to forecast rowing weather

Wind Compass app screenshots

The Masters Rowing International Facebook Group had a great discussion on which are the best wind apps to forecast rowing weather. WindCompass is a super simple app that shows windspeed, gusts, wind direction, hourly & daily weather forecast (temp, chance of precipitation) and sunrise/set. Hi-Def Radar MyRadar WindFinder is my personal favourite – it also has an […]

Monthly Prize Draw April 2018

Sport Parenting Advice

Each month subscribers to the Rowperfect newsletter are included in a free prize draw to win one of our products. This month (April) we have this prize:  High Performance Parenting will give one lucky listener/subscriber A private One on One Coaching session with Eira Parry of High Performance Parenting. Get Yourself signed up and become eligible […]

How different is coastal rowing technique?

How Different, Exactly, is Coastal Rowing asks Ruth Marr from Rowing the World rowing vacations.   You are a flatwater rower intrigued by coastal rowing. What is this mountain biking of rowing? Swedish Olympic rower Lassi Karonen who rowed at the 2013 World Rowing Coastal Championships is quoted on the World Rowing website: “The similarity […]

Sophie’s stretching poster

Stretching poster , rowing stretch, Sophie Mackenzie

Stretching is something we all know we need, but few of us actually do regularly. Sophie Mackenzie has made it easy but teaching us what she learned during her time as an international racing for the New Zealand team by designing a poster with all her fave stretches in one place. Why design a poster […]

Strength Coach Roundtable #11: Movement Assessments for Rowing

strength coach roundtable

Rowing strength coaches Will Ruth and Joe Deleo discuss movement assessments for rowing. How can we evaluate an athlete’s movement and use that information in our coaching? We talk application to strength training and rowing training so that you can get the most out of your movement in the weight-room as well as on the […]

Large hands? We’ve got rowing gloves

Rowing Gloves XXL

Rowperfect tries to be customer-centric and to listen to what you want (our Trust-Pilot Reviews are testament to this). We know many rowers have very broad hands – measured across the palms some folks are just too large for the rowing gloves we sell. Today we announce Extra Extra Large Gloves are available Listed in […]

The science behind heels up or heels down

Heels up towards catch

A guest post by Sara Hendershot Lombardi at Rowefficient. The science behind this rowing question should I have my Heels Up or Heels Down as I approach the catch?  It’s a perennial question. Let’s dig into the science here. We get this question a lot…should I be letting my heels come off the footplate when […]

The Definitive guide to rowing seat racing

Rowing Seat Racing

Seat Racing for crew selection takes many forms and has a bad reputation as being open to abuse by coaches and unscrupulous athletes.  Learn how to run seat racing for your squad by reading Duncan Holland’s Guide to Rowing Seat Racing – including the famous “spider diagram”. Rowperfect has created a round-up of 6 articles about […]