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Happy New Rowing Year

New year 2018, Rowing year 2018

Hey every Northern Hemisphere reader – it’s the start of the 2018-19 rowing season.  Summer break is over.  School and work are kickstarting for the autumn. Get back into rowing shape Hopefully your summer break was fun, relaxing and didn’t include lots of training.  But we all know that autumn training means long distances and […]

Regatta commentary, regattas really glisten when it’s fun to listen

Commentators can turn a good race into a ‘cracker‘. It’s so important to be prepared, have some background knowledge and good insights. That’s one aim of FISA’s international regatta commentary team.  Paul Castle* is one of the team and maybe the most prominent. His skilled and multilingual regatta commentary is known from Olympic and World Championships.  […]

Rowing in Lithuania

Rima Karaliene is a woman inspired.  Her Father rowed for Lithuania during the Communist times and she has written a book about his story called “Rowing though the Barbed Wire fence”. The USSR was a composite country of Soviet Socialist Republics – Lithuania was not an independent nation.  The national rowing federation favoured athletes from […]

Stop my hand slipping on oar handle

Elastic Band position on the sweep oar handle

Dear folks at RowperfectI just read your note regarding fixing oar-grips. I use Concept 2 oars the ultra light ones. I find that while rowing my hands slide slowly away from where they should be. Are those Stampfli Grips preventing and profiled to keep the hands in the proper place. If that is the case I […]

Monthly Prize Draw August 2018


Each month subscribers to the Rowperfect newsletter are included in a free prize draw to win one of our products. This month (August) we have this prize:  Your choice of Rowing Socks – yes… we are now stocking a range of waterproof and warming socks.  You choose the style you want! Get Yourself signed up and […]

Psychology of injury recovery

athlete injury recovery

Getting back on track A back wound from an unforeseen boat crash or a painful overuse rib stress fracture that lingers on for months are unfortunate events that can happen in rowing. The main causes of injury are physical factors such as muscle imbalances, collisions, overtraining, and physical fatigue but psychological factors can also contribute […]

Rowperfect Multi Language

Rowpefect global, world rowing fans

Rowperfect has quietly been undertaking a massive project.  We recognise that we’re a global business with website readers and visitors from around the world and we want to acknowledge and support rowing fans whose native language is not English.  So what have we done?   The team has been creating a multi-language version of the […]