New Masters Rowing advice series

By Rebecca Caroe

We’re very excited to be publishing the Faster Masters products now in individual chapter form.  Having got feedback from our readers, we realise that some people would prefer to buy what they need NOW rather than a full Faster Masters membership programme. And so today we’re releasing each episode from Faster Masters Gold membership individually. […]

7 Steps To Being A Better Rigger

By Theo

The Rig Up Your Life email series brings you 7 key lessons to get you rigging rowing boats, and rigging them right (correctly)! We know the daily strains and stresses of rowing, training and getting boats on the water but we also know that rigging is crucial to success, and we want to make you enjoy […]

J16 girls eight rigging rowing shell

How to rig a J16 girls rowing eight

By Rebecca Caroe

Just wondering if you have any advice for setting up a J16 junior girls 8+ rigging and oar length? I would say 4 of them are lightweight size and 4 heavyweight? Thanks Thanks for your question – we have a quick answer and a longer one. The quick answer is to copy what a known […]

Christo Redentor rowing

Blogs about Rowing

By Rebecca Caroe

Prompted by a great question on the World Rowing LinkedIn Group I thought Rowperfect should compile a list of Rowing Bloggers.  Please add others in the comments and we will add to this resource. Rowing Education Rowperfect is the Rowing Education blog covering coaching, training, coxing Athlete Rowing Blogs Julien Bahrain – French speaking Canadian international […]

How long should my sculls be?

By Rebecca Caroe

I’m going to buy a pair of blades for a single sculling boat. I’m 5ft 5ins (165cm) tall and weigh 55kg. what length of blades should I buy. Thank you. I am really not an expert on sculling oars since we no longer sell them. You don’t say your age (only because older people aren’t […]

How can I tell if rowing gearing is too hard?

By Rebecca Caroe

My set up was 159 span, 288:88 oars but I’m dimensionally challenged at 176cm tall. Giving me a 95 degree arc. Reducing the span to 158 and oars to 286.5:87.5 (same gear ratio) brings my arc out to 105 and increases my stroke length theoretically by 33cm. Am I overloading my drive phase with this […]

Row the Rig or Rig to Row?

Row the Rig or Rig to Row?

By Rebecca Caroe

Body-Boat Alignment Considerations for the Advanced Oarsman and the Aspiring Coach. A guest blog by Dan Boyne When the famous boat builder George Pocock was once asked why his rowing shells weren’t very adjustable, he reputedly answered: “Because an athlete is infinitely more adjustable than a boat.” Whether or not this quote is true hardly […]

Buyers Guide: quick release rowing rigger fittings

By Jeremy Peskey

There is often a substantial opportunity cost associated with removing conventional wing riggers in order to maximise the storage space in the boathouse. Many athletes and crews will argue the time taken to dismantle each boat after the session comes at a high price for the amount of space gained. How much space is gained […]

Buyers Guide: height adjustment washers

By Rebecca Caroe

One of the biggest improvements to rowing boat technology has been the easy to change height washer.  Called many things from spacers, rigger spacers, snappies, and (by a Grumpy Boatman of my acquaintance) “Ping F**K Washers” – because they ping off and you go….oh darn!, these useful little rings of plastic allow oarlocks to be raised […]