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13 Tips for Racing at FISA Masters in the heat

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The Masters Rowing International group on Facebook has a great discussion thread about how to cope with Florida heat if you are coming to Nathan Benderson Park for the FISA Masters Regatta on September 27-30 2018. 13 Recommendations for rowing (and surviving) in the heat Consider drinking about 20 oz water before coming to venue […]

Prygl Rowing Camps for rowing technique

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Are you a Masters rower who wants to boost his technique under the guidance of world class coaches? Are you interested in getting hands-on experience with rowing data analysis tools? Are you looking for a different rowing camp? Are you interested in combining a week of rowing with a city trip to Vienna, Prague, or […]

Happy New Rowing Year

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Hey every Northern Hemisphere reader – it’s the start of the 2018-19 rowing season.  Summer break is over.  School and work are kickstarting for the autumn. Get back into rowing shape Hopefully your summer break was fun, relaxing and didn’t include lots of training.  But we all know that autumn training means long distances and […]

Regatta commentary, regattas really glisten when it’s fun to listen

Commentators can turn a good race into a ‘cracker‘. It’s so important to be prepared, have some background knowledge and good insights. That’s one aim of FISA’s international regatta commentary team.  Paul Castle* is one of the team and maybe the most prominent. His skilled and multilingual regatta commentary is known from Olympic and World Championships.  […]

Masters pre-race practice

So the FISA Masters is coming up and you are getting crews together and reviewing the entries. Time for your personal investment in improving your racing. 1k Race Planning Everyone has a variation on their race plan –  do a good start, plan a push at 250 and a big one at 500m gone then […]

Feathering on the recovery

Sculling grip on the recovery (feather)

Feathering on the drive and feathering into the body is the subject of this “dock talk” by Marlene Royle. How to move the feather to the recovery When our hands are coming in to the body you are on the drive, when they move away from the body you are on the recovery. Marlene observed […]

Correcting sculling wrist fault

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I have a habit of letting the oar collar slip slightly loose from the rigger on stroke side, despite applying thumb pressure. I have not been able to correct this despite all attempts. I am wondering if it may be connected to a different problem on bow side, where I have a habit of rowing […]

Rowing Camp in Varese September 2018

Rowing camp in Varese, Italy: for advanced athletes and professional coaches One of the most prestigious rowing camp venues in the world is on Lake Varese. This lake and small town in northern Italy is known for hosting international rowing regattas. And as a result, our rowing camps in Varese are top notch. Just recently, top European […]

Psychology of injury recovery

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Getting back on track A back wound from an unforeseen boat crash or a painful overuse rib stress fracture that lingers on for months are unfortunate events that can happen in rowing. The main causes of injury are physical factors such as muscle imbalances, collisions, overtraining, and physical fatigue but psychological factors can also contribute […]

DVT in rowers

DVT exercises

Following our article about Blood Clots and Rowers, We had some great comments from readers and this email from a medical Doctor.  Gil Solomon, MD wrote Searching for studies with the term athletes and DVT, there are several confirmatory points in your Blood Clots and Rowers article and several that are not. The athletes who presented […]