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Advice on coaching rowing older ladies

By Rebecca Caroe

As an older female athlete, I know as a group we present a challenge to younger (often) male coaches.  So heres’ some free advice from an older lady and how to coach us. Here are some gems from the Rowperfect archive…. Read this post  as there are things there you may not have thought of. Also […]

Faster Masters Testimonials

By Rebecca Caroe

We have a loyal group of earlybird testers working their way through the Faster Masters programme:  Remember, it releases on 1 October 2016. “I have read through all the material—it really is the best sculling book out there” Got half way through the first Faster Master video. Having worked with you, Marlene for so many years, […]

Masters rowers – want to get faster?

By Rebecca Caroe

Announcing Faster Masters the Rowing Coaching membership service for masters rowers and scullers developed with expert coach Marlene Royle.. It is called Faster Masters and will launch to the public on 1 October 2016. What is Faster Masters? The programme is 7 “lessons” each comprising a video and transcript plus some additional guides written as pdf ebooks. […]

Advice for coaching masters rowers

By Rebecca Caroe

I’m working as a coach for masters this summer, first time in a coaching position. 5 years junior rowing experience. Does anyone have any tips specific to masters? I’m working the early morning group, so they’re all dedicated women with a drive to work out hard. It’s 3 mornings a week for an hour each […]

Rowing Clubs most neglected athlete group

By Rebecca Caroe

Jim Bowman writes… I recently viewed Tara Morgan’s interview podcast Rowing and Aging, where she adeptly addressed an important but all-too-often neglected segment of the rowing community — seniors that simply want to row for fitness, not competition. That isn’t to say that competition doesn’t have its place — it does but isn’t for everybody. […]

Why all rowers need gloves sometimes Rowperfect

Why all rowers need gloves…. sometimes

By Rebecca Caroe

Rowing has a macho image, particularly with regard to “hardening up” and “being tough”.  This shows up mostly around walking barefoot at regattas and “patent recipes” to cure hand blisters (no, urinating on your hands does not harden the skin!). Every rower gets blisters sometimes.  Many find training camps particularly tough time because increasing training to […]

Rowing and Aging

By Rebecca Caroe

ROWING & AGING Project Update by Tara Morgan: In just 2 weeks, we’ve received over 50 responses from retired and current rowers all over the world!  We want to hear from you, no matter your age or current status. Participants have given us so many good stories and tips on how to stay in the […]

How can I tell if rowing gearing is too hard?

By Rebecca Caroe

My set up was 159 span, 288:88 oars but I’m dimensionally challenged at 176cm tall. Giving me a 95 degree arc. Reducing the span to 158 and oars to 286.5:87.5 (same gear ratio) brings my arc out to 105 and increases my stroke length theoretically by 33cm. Am I overloading my drive phase with this […]

Strength Training for Masters Rowers

By StrengthCoachWill

The previous excerpt from “Rowing Stronger” discussed training and strength training at a broad level for masters rowers with topics of recovery, exercise progression, and injury prevention. After I got a shout-out from renowned masters coach Marlene Royle on a recent Rowing Chat podcast, I received several questions from masters rowers about specifics of strength training and […]