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A new volume of Rowing Tales

We are delighted to announce the imminent publication of Rowing Tales 2018 – curated as before by Peter Mallory (Editor) and Rebecca Caroe. This year’s book includes contributions from rowers and coaches from around the world and for the first time we’ve added in some rowing poetry.  You will enjoy Annabel Eyres’ beautiful front cover […]

Womens Rowing in the UK RowingChat

international British Women's rowing

We had an awesome RowingChat today about the history of international British Women’s rowing. Jo Toch, Pauline Bird, Kate Grose all rowed for Great Britain and Helena Smalman-Smith is a rowing historian of the period.  We have collated timestamps for the key points we covered during the interview.  Below is a link to watch the video […]

Will Satch in his bedroom slippers

Once you’re an international athlete, outsiders like us assume that brands must be lining up to sponsor our national team athletes.  But not everyone gets Nike sponsorships….. Imagine our surprise to see GBR athlete, Will Satch talking about his bedroom slippers, Mahabis. Where and when do you like to wear your mahabis?  I wear my […]

Rowing Injury Prevention Series: General Injury Prevention Tips

This article is Part 1 of the Rowing Injury Prevention Series, brought to you by Rowperfect UK. In the following installments, you’ll hear from fellow rowing strength coaches, Will Ruth and Joe DeLeo, as they discuss common rowing injuries including; rib stress fractures, low back pain, snapping hip syndrome, as well as how to reduce […]

RowingChat – with John Faulkner

John established himself as a coach back in the 1970s and is expert in coaching lightweights.  Notable achievements include: 17 medals at the World Championships, 2 medals at the European Games, 2 Medals at the U23 Games and 3 crews selected for the Olympic Games. Some of his highlights include: coaching the Danish Men’s squad between 2003 – […]

Monthly Prize Draw

Each month subscribers to the Rowperfect newsletter are included in a free prize draw to win one of our products. This month the prize is a copy of Chariots and Horses, by Jason Dorland From RowingChat Guest, Jason Dorland The winner is Emma Norris and we’ve emailed to ask you to get in touch and let us know […]

RowingChat April – With Jason Dorland

This month’s RowingChat guest is former Canadian Olympic rower, Jason Dorland. After suffering a humiliating loss at the 1988 Seoul Olympic Games and labelling the event as ‘The most devastating moment of his life’, Jason was left feeling empty and without a purpose. Remarkably, he was able to convert this demoralising loss into a ‘gift’ – which […]