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Congratulations to our Rowing Jewellery Winners!

congratulations to the Rowperfect custom jewellery giveaway winners!

Rowperfect would like to thank everyone who entered our Rowing Jewellery giveaway competition this month. We have been overwhelmed with entries and are pleased to announce our winners have been selected! A special congratulations to Michael Gaston and Joseph Haney! You have both been contacted directly – check your inboxes! For everyone who sadly did […]

Where to Get Your Rowing Jewelry at HOCR

Handcrafted rowing jewelry designed in New York City and made in Europe. Strokeside Design was born out of the passion for the rowing sport with the mission to provide artisanal quality and beautiful designs, which allows rowers to show their passion. This year, Strokeside Design is proud to be among the official sponsors of the […]

Rowing Injury Prevention Series: General Injury Prevention Tips

This article is Part 1 of the Rowing Injury Prevention Series, brought to you by Rowperfect UK. In the following installments, you’ll hear from fellow rowing strength coaches, Will Ruth and Joe DeLeo, as they discuss common rowing injuries including; rib stress fractures, low back pain, snapping hip syndrome, as well as how to reduce […]

Rowing Club sponsorship offer

UPDATE SEPTEMBER 2018.  This programme is discontinued. Rowperfect has been supporting British rowing clubs for years with its ‘club sponsorship programme‘.   This is your chance to get your club onto the list – read on… What is the Rowing Club Sponsorship Programme? Rowing clubs buy equipment, run regattas and teach rowing and sculling.  Rowperfect […]

Are your oars safely stored in your boathouse?

How good are you at storing oars so they don’t crack or split?  So the handles aren’t damaged?  So they don’t drop on the ground?  AND so they don’t take up lots of space? It’s almost impossible. The Space Saver Oar Hanging Rack solves all these problems. They are vertical oar storage brackets with the ability […]

National University of Ireland Galway rowers on RP

We got this tweet from Dave Mannion of his crews at NUIG training for the Ireland national rowing championships.  Seems they did pretty well too. Dave Mannion, Head Coach writes about their experience. I have been the head coach of NUIG rowing club for the past 3 seasons, and prior to that I was the […]

Samsung Phone Covers

Do you own a Samsung smartphone such as as Galaxy or Note? Then you’ll love these rowing cases available from With prices starting at £7 there’s no reason why you can’t protect your phone while also sharing your love of our fantastic sport. There are thousands of designs to choose from for almost every Samsung phone. Click […]

Miniature Replica Oars – wedding gifts

You may have seen these lovely miniature replica rowing oars made by Rob McCarthy.  We just love them.   He paints them up in your club colours and can add text inscriptions too. Here’s a thank you from a happy customer who bought them as gifts for his Groomsmen at his recent wedding. Have a look […]