New Masters Rowing advice series

By Rebecca Caroe

We’re very excited to be publishing the Faster Masters products now in individual chapter form.  Having got feedback from our readers, we realise that some people would prefer to buy what they need NOW rather than a full Faster Masters membership programme. And so today we’re releasing each episode from Faster Masters Gold membership individually. […]

Calling Masters who will race in Bled

By Rebecca Caroe

Sander Roosendaal writes on the Masters Rowing International Group: Would anyone be interested in meeting up at Bled WRMR and learn about using data to row faster? If enough people were interested, I could see what we could set up. Just an idea right now. Please reply in the comments below

How to use the RP3 to teach rowing co-ordination

By Rebecca Caroe

Casper Rekers designed and built the original Rowperfect (now renamed RP3) from 1987 to his death in 2010.  He presented a series of papers to Rowing Coaching conferences and we think his material is great and worth re-appraising.  This article is an extract from his written conference presentations. RP teaches co-ordination For many of us […]

Masters International discussion with Marlene Royle

By Rebecca Caroe

Calling all masters rowers – we have started a Facebook Group called “Masters Rowing International” to enable masters rowers to discuss topics of interest and also to get expert advice from Marlene Royle. The Group has over 1500 members at the time of writing from Hong Kong, China to Uzbekistan and Alaska.  Discussion is in […]

Tennis ball sliced for boat tie

RowingHack: Resistance training

By Rebecca Caroe

Loading up your work is a great way to gain strength and skill in a rowing boat.  Having a bungee or rope under the hull gives an easy way to create extra loading on the athletes.  This can be used for all ages of rower and all expertise levels. The resistance slows down the boat […]

Aligning power in a masters quad scull

By Rebecca Caroe

We have just formed a mixed quad crew and want some advice on how to align our power and get the crew going well together. Roly Beevor has written this advice Roly: The first thing to say is that a new crew will feel strange.  This can be very disorienting, especially for an athlete who has […]

Aligning power in a mixed masters quad

By Rebecca Caroe

We have just formed a mixed quad crew and want some advice on how to align our power and get the crew going well together. Roland Beevor wrote to us after reading the original article. I think this issue is a good issue to explore, it addresses a big unexplored requirement: how do you bring people, […]

bunnies rowing

Passengers, or what can a masters crew do with a free rider

By Rebecca Caroe

One of the glories of rowing is that a boat is only as fast as the slowest crew member. Unless all the members are contributing the boat will not be fast.  I say this is one of the glories of the sport because it means that, unlike a football team, a basketball team ora hockey team, […]

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Recovery for Masters Rowers

By Rebecca Caroe

By Marlene Royle Just as pushing your bow across the line for the first time in the 50+ age category signifies entering a mature phase of your rowing career it may also mark new adventures in maintaining equilibrium in your training schedule. Masters athletes need to include the same intensities of work in their race […]