Rowsandall Rowing Data Analysis OFFER

By Rowperfect UK

There is no shortage of training advice for rowers. “Train more”, “Avoid the black hole”, “Train smarter” (whatever that means), “Train like the Danes”, “Avoid junk meters”.  The best research has found that what works best for one rower might not work for another. So what can you do? Plan. Execute. Measure. Adjust. Repeat. Today […]

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What is a ‘competitve’ rower?

By Rebecca Caroe

Andrea Buch writes I am looking for insights:  How does your club define ‘Competitive Masters’? What does it mean to be ‘a competitor’?  The more mature I get as an athlete, and the more athletes I encounter when I coach, the more intrigued I am by this question. There has been a softening in my […]

AMA Your Rowing Rigging questions answered

By Rebecca Caroe

We are stoked that Mike Davenport has agreed to host an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session on rigging for rowing and sculling for Rowperfect readers. It will run on our new Masters Rowing International Facebook Page on Tuesday 12th September. Put it in your calendar…. Mike is the author of the Nuts and Bolts Guide […]

Praise for Faster Masters Rowing

By Rebecca Caroe

Thank you Rowperfect and Faster Masters for giving me stuff to read that made my hairs stand out. All my rowing experience since I was a 17 years old and a bold boy, through some years of senior rowing on national level and now after a wonderful 13 years awakening through the Masters Rowing movement, […]

Rowing Data Seminar at World Masters Championships Bled

Rowing Data Seminar at Bled World Masters – join us

By Rebecca Caroe

The generosity of experts in rowing never fails to amaze me.  Sander Roosendaal has offered to host a Rowing Data seminar during the Bled World Masters Championships. Make Every Stroke Count – rowing data seminar 7 September 20o17 20:00 – 21:00 (local time) Hotel Triglav Kolodvorska cesta 33 4260 Bled Slovenia Link to the event: […]

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US Masters Nationals – end of regatta musings

By Rebecca Caroe

Take 1: The Nationals ended as every regatta should:  with a total eclipse of the sun. Actually, the eclipse was the day after. Sorry. Take 2: The Nationals ended as every regatta should, with twenty rowers (and my girlfriend) stretched up and down a groaning board, swilling good beer and eating mediocre tavern food, talking […]

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US Masters Rowing National Championships – Day 2 musings

By Rebecca Caroe

It’s not an expensive flight to Tennessee and the 2017 Masters Nationals but I thought I’d drive it.  My mother was raised in Huntsville, Alabama and most of the annual trip there from Maryland followed the same route I drove the other day, across mountains range that seems more easily traversed than back before I-81 […]

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US Masters Rowing National Championships – Day 1 musings

By Rebecca Caroe

Charles Sweeney reports from the big event….and muses on life, rowing and streams-of-consciousness  I wasn’t supposed to be here, at the Masters Nationals, in Oak Ridge Tennessee, with my crew, the Capital Rowing Club.  Literally the day after last year’s Nationals, in Worcester, Massachusetts, a nagging back problem blew up into a sciatica case that […]

New Masters Rowing advice series

By Rebecca Caroe

We’re very excited to be publishing the Faster Masters products now in individual chapter form.  Having got feedback from our readers, we realise that some people would prefer to buy what they need NOW rather than a full Faster Masters membership programme. And so today we’re releasing each episode from Faster Masters Gold membership individually. […]