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How Much Layback Is Needed – Finish Position On Ergs

indoor rowing

How much layback is needed on an erg? Here is a good explanation from Concept2 “At the finish of the rowing stroke, the upper body is leaning back slightly, using support of the core muscles. Biceps and back muscles also help to maintain the finish position of the upper body. Legs are extended, stabilized by […]

Rowing Tutorial Indoor: Rowing and Endurance

Ausdauertraining am Ergometer

Today’s video session shows you some endurance exercises with your indoor rower. Today we suggest a dynamic rower. Rowing Tutorial: Indoor Rowing Dynamic Ergs tend to be less injury sensitive and offer a wide range of exercises to keep your body fit. In today’s tutorial Coach Jean Pierre is showing us how to practise at […]

Warm Up in Rowing – Erg and Stretching Exercises

Most people don’t do it: Warm up in rowing, especially on an indoor rower. But most Rowperfect coaches recommend a sufficient warm up before starting your exercise. Athletes and beginners should slightly warm up especially before doing a 2k or 6 k race. A flexibility exercises should be done after a good warm-up or at the end of […]

How to Get Leg Power as a Novice

Junior girls sculling a double - doing drills

Really helpful article to read on Grip. I’m a beginner and struggling to feel the connection at the start of the drive with my legs, meaning my arms do all the work rather than my legs. This leaves me exhausted after 30 minutes or so. I also find I struggle to tap down at the […]

On Your Ergometer: Interval and Cardio Training

Today Jean Pierre is showing you something great: a mixture of cardio and interval training on the ergometer. In fact, it trains your forearms and your biceps. Everything on your Concept 2. A 27-minute interval training session that combines a cardio side with increased strength endurance in the arms, shoulders, and back. A gentle warm-up […]

Top 3 Stretches in Rowing

Stretches in rowing

I get asked a lot of questions on Quora – here is one example What are the 3 Most Important stretches in rowing? I think asking for the most important stretches in rowing is not the right question to ask.  Because everyone has a different body and differing flexibility. I would reverse the question and […]

Rowing Tutorial: Pelvis Position During Indoor Rowing

Our Coach Jean Pierre shows us his tutorial about the good seating positions during the rowing sequences on the erg. A quick rowing tutorial (for ergs) to watch and to remember the right back positions during finish, when and how to place your pelvis in anteversion at the start of your recovery.

Pilates and Rowing Finish and Release (2)

Pilates for Rowers, synergies

Pilates and rowing show enormous synergies. Our Pilates post a few days has been viewed more than 1200 times. Today’s post and video will focus on the Finish and the Release. These are exercises for beginners and also for more enthusiastic athletes. Basically, our sports is a sport that utilises our body’s levers – arms, […]

How Fog affect your erg training

Fit at home

The effects of weather on sport are varied very much. Some events will be unable to take place while others are changed considerably. The performance of participants can be reduced or improved, and some will show no effects. You should try it. Rowperfect has identified 3 places where erging in the fog is a real pleasure. Stay […]

Pilates for Rowers – The Catch

Pilates for rowers The Catch

We got this question two weeks ago from a Deborah in London.   Tom, are there exercises available, that simulate our rowing stroke? I am not an erg rower and look for additional possibilities to strengthen my body. Deborah, thank you for your question. We have several ways to strengthen our body at home or in […]