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Red Beetroot as performance booster?

Rowers and Athletes and off course their coaches and medical advisers have experimented with a broad range of aids in pursuit of performance edge. One of the legal substances which has been backed by solid data: the juice of beets, for the nitrates they contain. We have come across this wonderful article lately and want […]

Good news: Top Lactose-Free Protein Drinks

How many of you suffer from lactose intolerance? Top lactose-free protein drinks Many athletes are controlling their daily protein intake. We take proteins before, after, and even during our training sessions. I have seen tour rowers having their protein gels on board. Well – what would I do if I suffer from lactose intolerance? What […]

Eating Breakfast for Rowers

Eating Breakfast a critical component for rowers We are not rowing presently. Still good nutrition intake is important. Some time ago, J. Castle has written about this here. Read again. Roll out of bed and eat breakfast? Yeah, right. Some rowers cringe at the idea of eating breakfast. Especially if they’re heading out for early […]

My body and me: What happens during a rowing race?

Photo Credit: Worldrowing Do you know what happens inside your body during a rowing race? Rowing and in particular rowing races is one of the most physically demanding efforts in the world of sport. Several tests and comparisons have shown: Most active rowers have some of the biggest lung capacities, the highest VO2 maximums and […]

Körperprozesse während dem Rennen

Photo Credit: Worldrowing Das 2000-Meter-Ruderrennen ist eine der körperlich anstrengendsten Anstrengungen in der Welt des Sports. Ruderer haben mit die größten Lungenkapazitäten, die höchsten VO2-Maxima und die höchste Toleranz gegenüber dem Aufbau von Laktat. Es ist interessant mal zu erfahren was in den Körpern dieser Ruderer passiert?    In einem Interview vor einigen Tagen sprach […]

Effects of altitude training in athletes

What are the effects of high altitude training on athletes? We all know that the top teams always go back to the mountains to row there. But what are the benefits of altitude training for athletes? Is altitude training really a source of performance improvement or just a fashion trend? Whether long-distance runners, rowers or […]

Der Speiseplan eines Top Athleten

Kurz vor den Olymischen Spielen in Rio hat das Magazin “Time” in den USA untersucht wie die tägliche Ernährung von Top Athleten aussieht. Auch Ruderer wurden untersucht. Und was stand auf dem Speiseplan eines Top Ruderer*: Wie sich das in den Ernährungsplänen der Sportler konkret niederschlägt, zeigte “Time” am Beispiel des Ruderers Seth Weil. Seth Weil war ein […]

Daily menue of a top athlete

Just before the Rio Olympics in 2016 the  “Time” Magazin  reported about the daily calorie intake of top athletes and how they were preparing their competition. Time also took a look at rowers. What is the daily menue of the top rower?*: QC and Time both reported about the top US rower Seth Weil, rowing […]