Performance Psych for Rowing

Strength Coach Roundtable #5: Performance Psych for Rowing

By StrengthCoachWill

The Strength Coach Roundtable hosted a monster of a podcast about performance psych for rowing as we went nearly 90 minutes straight and all felt like we still had more to talk about. Will, Blake, and Joe were joined by guest Sara Hendershot for a discussion of performance psychology in rowing and how you can use […]

Coaching your coxswain – yes, you CAN

By Rebecca Caroe

Bad coxing starts with poor coaching.  Improved coxing comes from an understanding of the best way to instruct.  Few coaches have been coxswains and so take a quick educational guide from a Coxswain, Chelsea Dommert, who found that she was frustrated by the un-clear instructions she got from her coach.  So she wrote the book […]

diagram to show common errors at the catch

Coaching the catch in rowing

By Rebecca Caroe

Coaching “The Catch” a guest post by HowardtheCoach If you Google the term “catch” you find “intercept and hold (something which has been thrown, propelled, or dropped”) and in rowing “the catch” is precisely about intercepting and holding the moving interface between the boat and the water. It is a simple term for a subtly complex concept, […]

Crossing the Line Sport Summit 2017

Athlete Retirement – a topic YOU need to understand

By Rebecca Caroe

    Under 3 weeks to go! Our Sydney Summit is our second athlete-led forum. We are eager to discuss solutions to the hot topic of athlete wellbeing and career transition. The event plan has well and truly taken shape and it’s going to be a day of learning, sharing and inspiration from our panelists. Our panelists include multiple Olympic […]

J16 girls eight rigging rowing shell

How to rig a J16 girls rowing eight

By Rebecca Caroe

Just wondering if you have any advice for setting up a J16 junior girls 8+ rigging and oar length? I would say 4 of them are lightweight size and 4 heavyweight? Thanks Thanks for your question – we have a quick answer and a longer one. The quick answer is to copy what a known […]

Sculling lighter

By Rebecca Caroe

Rowperfect was privileged to be given this email exchange between Jim Joy (Rowperfect author) and one of his athletes.  Read and enjoy a contemplative rowing read. Good Morning Coach.. Think we got enough snow eh? So this piece is spot on..the touch of the hand to the handle, the way we present ourselves to the […]

Sara Hendershot

RowingChat with Sara Hendershot Intensity Training Specialist Rowing Coach

By Rebecca Caroe

RowingChat today was with Sara Hendershot-Lombardi, a pioneer introducing High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) to rowing coaching. She discovered this alternative method of training after serious personal injury, rehabilitation and recovery as she challenged for a place in the US Rowing team for Rio Olympics. Sara runs Rowfficient, the training company whose Project UP is […]

How to Coach using Rowperfect updated

By Rebecca Caroe

If you have bought a copy of our ebook How to Coach Using Rowperfect – we’ve updated the book and so you should log into your Rowperfect shop account and download a new edition. The changes are all URL links – we were told some Adobe readers stripped out the hyperlinks and you can’t see […]