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Coaching your coxswain – yes, you CAN

Bad coxing starts with poor coaching. Improved coxing comes from an understanding of the best way to instruct. Few coaches have been coxswains and so take a quick educational guide from a Coxswain, Chelsea Dommert, who found that she was frustrated by the un-clear instructions she got from her coach.  So she wrote the book […]

Rowing Art

Here is another story of individuals finding a way out of the Corona Crises. Crafting rowing art. Glen Colechin knew exactly what to do. He suddenly found himself with a lot of extra time and startet to sell sculptures. He told me:”I make sculptures as a living, but have always needed the push to get […]

One Thing to Teach Scullers to Do Better (Part 3)

Another Concept in Sculling is the different Prime Roles of each hand:   This concept in coaching seems less known. Since both arms, and both sides of the body, have to accommodate the cross-over asymmetry, the fact is that each hand/arm has a different prime role during the drive phase and during the recovery phase. […]

One Thing to Teach Scullers to Do Better (Part 1)

My answer to a Question on Sculling Technique from Rebecca Caroe during an interview for RowingChat in the Autumn of 2017.  I have now re-edited and expanded this article – June – 2020 – (Apologies that the photos are from my international coaching era!). Q:  When watching sculling today, what’s the number one thing you […]

User testing Coxmate SX at City of Bristol RC

Coxmate SX

We used the Coxmate SX as a comparison against a mixture of NK, Home build and Cox Orbs. As the NK units gradually fail we now purchase CoxOrbs but wanted to test against Coxmate to see we are getting the most effective amplifier. First impressions: Clear display, better battery life, simple to use as a […]

Foot-Stretcher Angle in Rowing Shells (Part 2)

This is the second post about our foot stretcher settings (read part 1 here). We have answered Rons’s question a few days ago about an optimal stretcher height position. Today we will give you some advice for the optimal foot stretcher angle. In case you are looking for more rigging information check our general guide […]

Foot-Stretcher Angle in Rowing Shells (Part 1)

Tom, my wife and me share a double. Our food stretcher height set up is very different. I tent to have it at the highest position to have an optimal foot force. Am I mistaken? – Ronald Rowperfect has posted plenty of suggestions about the perfect rigging for people of different heights. The right set […]

Calculation of training times in rowing

Our training on the water has become more intensive. Unfortunately we have very different current conditions on the river depending on the season. One week ago we had an interesting topic in our Master C eight: If we row our units against the current, we find much higher times than downstream. This is clear to […]

How much Indoor Rowing – Daily Erg Training

How much Indoor Rowing is needed per week? Many rowing clubs have been re-opened their doors and access to gyms are not restricted anymore.  Winter is gone in the northern Hemisphere and most of us are back in our boats. Rowperfect met a local coach Joseph from Croatia and discussed with him what would be the […]

Book Review: The Mind’s Eye by James C. Joy

The Minds Eye book, Jimmy joy, rowing psychology

The Mind’s Eye: The Evolution of the Athletes’ Skills and Consciousness The Mind’s Eye describes a successful method in the implementation of a mental training program for rowers. Published in 2009 the book reveals “the core of the mental training methods used by Jimmy Joy from his time training under the master coach Bob Fitzpatrick […]