Duncan Holland: How I try to teach good rowing

By Rebecca Caroe

To coach a skill such as rowing you need a technical  model.  I have such a model which is a result of all my rowing and the things I’ve learned from all the fantastic rowers and coaches and coaches,.  I don’t pretend it’s anything new or different.  It’s  close to standard New Zealand rowing. This is […]

Leander brings Sri Lankan Coach to UK

By Rebecca Caroe

Leander Club to host International Rowing Coach from Sri Lanka As a curtain-raiser to its bicentenary celebrations next year Leander Club invited a coach from Sri Lanka to witness its high-performance  programme in action, learning skills that he can put to practical use in his own country, which is seeking to establish itself as a […]

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Rigging For Lousy Weather

By Rebecca Caroe

“…pay attention to the weather, [at the Charles] that’s key. We’ve had all sorts of conditions here. One year it snowed. People can get hypothermia here very quickly.” – HOCR Emergency Services Co-Chair Jonathan Ellis A guest post by Mike Davenport of MaxRigging This year is going to be your best Head of The Charles—ever! […]

Should we give medals to rowing coaches?

Medals for Coaches?

By Rebecca Caroe

Should we give medals to coaches as well as athletes? Rachel Hooper gives her view (first published here) This summer saw coaches at the athletics world championships being awarded medals alongside their athletes for the first time. It’s certainly a nice gesture to recognise their efforts but at elite level, but it also  takes a […]

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Sculling Makes Sweep Rowers Faster

By Rebecca Caroe

We’re Going to Say We Told You So  is a wonderful archive article by Troy Howell on his grumpy-old-coach-blog, Sculling and Stuff Like It. It was written in 2014 at the Head of the Charles when the Great8 beat all comers in the championship event – this was a crew comprising 8 of the top […]