C Breeze natural cooling for long ergs

C Breeze, rowperfect, cool ergo,

Today we are launching a new product – the C Breeze.  It’s a cooling tool for your erg.  Use it to redirect the air flow coming out of the fan cage onto your face so you stay cool while you erg.

C Breeze, rowperfect, cool ergo,
C Breeze on RP classic

Neat eh?

It fits any Concept2 (Model B and above) and RP / Rowperfect machine.

Many users buy two – one for their home erg and one to take to the gym or rowing club to add to the ergs they use there.

Buy C Breeze in the Rowperfect shop – or buy two and SAVE.

How to install a C Breeze

We have two sample C Breeze units available for testing by our readers.  You will have to return them after testing.  Get in touch with Paul Doleman in our office if you would like to be a tester and to write a review for this website.

c breeze, rowperfect, rowing machine fan, cool ergo,
c breeze cooling for ergs

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