Bucket List: Great Rowing Events

The Bucket List was a great movie – but how would you apply it to rowing?

Cover of "The Bucket List"
Cover of The Bucket List

We’ve got several categories:

  1. Tourism – fun regattas to watch
  2. Exercise – fun regattas to participate in
  3. Beauty – awesome locations worth visiting whether there’s a regatta or not
  4. Boathouses – famous clubs
  5. Places where historic rowing events took place
So here’s our starter list of great events – which ones would you add in?
  • Windermere Cup – Washington State, USA
  • The Boat Race – London, UK
  • Great Race – Hamilton, New Zealand
  • Bumping Races – Oxford and Cambridge, UK
  • Volga Longa – Venice, Italy
  • Canadian Henley, London, Ontario, Canada
  • FISA Masters – location varies each year
  • Head of the Charles, Boston, MA, USA
  • Head of the Yarra, Melbourne, Australia
  • Head of the River, London, UK
  • Head of the Hooch, USA
  • Armada Cup – Switzerland
  • Silver Skiff – Milan
  • Crossing Lake Geneva…. is this a race?
  • Canal du Midi – France
  • Heineken Cup – Amsterdam, The Netherland
  • Head of the Liffey, Dublin, Ireland
  • Eon Hansa Cup – Germany
  • Cornish Pilot Gig Championships, Isles of Scilly

What’s missing?

Help us out – where are other great races which should be on this list?  What about South Africa, Eastern Europe…. our knowledge is lacking.

When we’ve got a fuller list – we’ll run a vote to see which you think are the best!

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8 thoughts on “Bucket List: Great Rowing Events

  1. Frances Lynch says:

    Ocean to City is a 15nm rowing race starting in Crosshaven and finishing in the heart of Cork City. Boats start in the world renowned sailing village of Crosshaven and row a short distance to Roches Point Lighthouse which marks the eastern approach to Cork Harbour. They then make their way through the harbour, past the Irish Naval Base at Haulbowline Island and the ex-prison island of Spike Island, they row along the channel past the town of Cobh (last stopping point of the Titanic) and the villages of Monkstown and Passage West. As they approach the City they pass Blackrock Castle from where the youth rowing race starts. The final two miles bring the rowers right into the City for a grandstand finish. The race is open to all craft propelled by oars or paddles but excluding sliding seat boats. The course is 15 miles long and is held every year on the Saturday of the June bank holiday weekend. We have in excess of 120 craft on the water for this event and would love if you would include it in your bucket list of great rowing events. We get crews from throughout Ireland and the UK as well as Holland, France and the USA.

  2. Lianne Stanford says:

    It’d be the Royal Canadian Henley, in St. Catherines, Ontario. London Ontario has the Women’s National Rowing Centre. but no Canadian Henley. When I won, you stood in front of a full stadium of people and got your medal before the next race was on. No Blazers, but just as much passion.

  3. Philip says:

    I went through the Suez Canal about a year ago and all I could think was, “darn, if this isn’t the most beautiful 6 lane rowing course in all the world, I don’t know what is.”

    Trouble is that it’s clogged with huge ships, is in Egypt, and is over 110 km long!

  4. Rebecca Caroe says:

    that’s a fabulous suggestion – sounds like it should be a marathon organised over a week with mandatory camping in Bedouin tents with belly dancers every night!

    Lianne – apologies for getting Royal Canadian Henley’s name wrong (I’ve never been as you can see)

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