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Rowing Books

Rowperfect offers a wide selection of books, from rowing history to improving your sculling technique, there is something for every level of athlete. Browse our full range in the shop.

Our most popular books:

  • The Complete Guide to Indoor Rowing by Jim Flood and Charles Simpson This book has something for everyone, whether you’re an outdoor rower, a serious athlete, coach or just a regular gym user. This book offers detailed, illustrated training plans, tips and techniques to help you get the most out of your training sessions.
  • Sculling by Paul Thompson The definitive technical book on how to scull by the UK’s top womens coach.  Paul’s book was written three years ago while starting the GB sculling squad who has subsequently won 3 World Championship Gold medals and are now aiming for Olympic Gold.


Rowperfect e-books range from Yoga for rowers, to rigging, to balance, and how to paint your oars.  They are generally shorter than print books so you can read them in one sitting – gaining valuable knowledge in a short time.  And, did I mention, some are free?  Browse our full range in the shop.

Our top ebooks include:

  • Nuts and Bolts Guide to Rigging – by Mike Davenport. A professional rigger and expert.  Diagrams and word explanations take you step by step through the basics and more advanced.
  • Yoga for Rowers – get flexible, learn how to activate your muscles for rowing and sculling.  Each group of ‘poses’ is aligned to one part of the rowing stroke cycle.
  • Improve your 2k score by Walter Martindale.
  • How to video your crew by Raf Wyatt.  Advice on filming from a towpath, a bridge; which shots to choose, setting up the analysis for your athletes.
  • Seat racing by Duncan Holland.  Detailed explanation on how to run an athlete selection using side by side boat racing includes the famous ‘spider’ diagram.
  • Balance by Jim Flood.  A must for all beginner rowers, coxswains and coaches.
  • British Rowing Technique by Rosie Mayglothling.  Beautiful clear photographs showing each stage in the sculling cycle and explanations.
  • Lightweight rowing – a project management approach by Alex Krupp.  The only book we’ve found about how to get the erg score you need to make a lwt crew.
  • How to paint your oars and sculls – does what it says on the tin!



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