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Books about rowing fall into two categories – the ‘stories’ about rowing races and famous people and the technical manuals.  Due to the size of the market, many of these books publish once and then are not re-printed.  Rowperfect has started to publish a range of electronic e-books on rowing to help overcome this problem.

There are a good range of printed rowing books available in bookstores – mostly these focus on famous people or big events and races such as the Olympic Games, the Atlantic Rowing Race or the University Boat Races (Harvard/Yale or Oxford/Cambridge).

Introducing electronic books for rowing coaches

The Rowperfect Rowing e-books are written for a rowing club audience.  Each one covers a topic in sufficient detail for a beginner to grasp the main concepts and then goes into enough detail that a rowing coach working with a club or school has information s/he can use in the squad training programme. Rowperfect e-books are shorter than print books and so you can read them in one sitting – gaining valuable knowledge in a short time.
The advantage of electronic publishing is that once you’ve bought one copy – published in a pdf format – you can share it with your coaching colleagues or crew members without additional cost.

Technical rowing books
It’s very hard to learn how to row from a book – practical experience is the only way to master the sculling and rowing technique. But books and films about rowing technique and how to teach it are very useful for coaches and crews who want to advance their own skills in bladework and how to move a rowing boat fast.

Leading coaches such as Paul Thompson of British Rowing has published the “Sculling” manual and a companion DVD “Rowing and Sculling” that show off the skills of his top crews from the past. Jim Flood addresses the boat handling skill of “Balance” in his free ebook. Most programs use the ergo 2k score to test and select athletes so Walter Martindale’s “Ergometer Testing for Rowers” helps athletes improve their personal erg scores.

Books on Sculling
Mike Sullivan’s years of teaching people how to scull are demonstrated in his two books “Handling your sculling boat” and the “Sculling safety manual”. Paul Thompson covers coaching “Sculling” including skill drills and training programmes for sculling and rowing.

Books for Coxswains
Coxing is often overlooked by coaches – starting from your very first introduction to the sport, the “Good Coxswain Guide” is a set of 12 illustrated booklets which every club should use to teach skills up to and including their first regatta. It’s free “log book” allows the athlete to record progress. Also check out the “Audio CD” of US coxswains from the “Down and Dirty Guide to Coxing” where you can listen to top coxes recorded during races – an excellent learning tool.

Books for Rowing Coaches
Being a coach is a lonely place and so getting the “Coaching Communications” series of short articles written by John Parker giving guidance to coaches on how to handle themselves. Also in this category are the books about how to rig rowing boats “The Nuts and Bolts Guide to Rigging” and equipment maintenance “Last almost forever”; “How to choose Oars and Sculls” and “Buy it Right” a guide for purchasing new and second hand rowing boats and equipment.

Club management books
“Fund raising tips” are always useful for clubs who need extra money to buy equipment or go on training camp. Managing junior athletes and their parents’ involvement can be a headache and so John Parker has written Communications for Sporting Parents– a unique guidance resource.

How to run a learn to scull camp was devised from a scheme run in Cambridge which not only raised money but also brought in new memberships for the club.

Check out our range of rowing books in the rowperfect shop for a great selection of books.

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