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Your best rowing gloves for upcoming races!

While the mark of rough, calloused hands with blisters may be the telltale sign of a serious rower, it can also be the most painful thing standing in the way of you and victory for your team. Rowing in sync is vital for every team member, and if you’re not in time due to painful […]

Living for the Weekend


OFFER: 5 for 5! If you and 4 friends from the same rowing club book the same trip, you’ll all get 5% off! It’s a great opportunity to bond and experience two of the best things that life has to offer – rowing and travel! This is a reminder, right now, for those of you […]

Tales of Row: A review of Rowing Tales by Tim Koch

Rowing Tales, rowperfect, rowing anthology

This post was originally published on Hear the Boat Sing. 30 October 2017 Tim Koch reveals what his rowing friends are getting for Christmas. The Naked City, a 1948 film noir directed by Jules Dassin, famously concluded with the line ‘There are eight million stories in the naked city. This has been one of them’. Nearly 60 years later, […]

Calling for TWO testers to try the Rowers Rub!

We’ve just stocked two new products in our shop – The Original Rowers Rub and the Rowers Hand Rub. These are all-natural salves that help to moisture chaffed and chapped skin, preventing further friction from aggravating sore spots. Both are infused with essential oils such as marjoram, clove, and rosemary to provide antibacterial and anti-inflammatory […]

A user reviews Blister Tape for Rowing

Eucatape for rowing blister prevention

Eucatape is an innovative blister prevention tape that has hit the rowing market with quite a splash. Originally designed for drummers, the brains behind Eucatape have developed a version of the tape specifically for rowers! What makes Eucatape for Rowin’ so unique is the cooling, soothing anti-inflammatory properties found within the fibres of the tape […]