Ask Frank Cunningham limited time book offer

“Ask Frank” is a fabulous rowing technique  book written by the late, great Frank

Frank Cunningham rowing coach book
Ask Frank Book

Cunningham.  It has been compiled by his former club from contributions he wrote for their newsletter over the years.  These include opinion, ideas and answers to readers’ questions.  It’s a delightful anthology to dip into or go cover-to-cover.

“In sculling, the first 60 years are all uphill.  After that it gets easier”

Examples from Ask Frank book

The chapter on ‘looking for the key’ to good rowing and sculling ends with this deep truism “Somewhere, thinks the coach, somewhere is the key that will unlock the door; the rower will step through it and become an oarsman.”

The questions he answers are varied ranging from What tells you that a person would make a good stroke, to what are the uses of the half-blade drill? [if you’ve never done this one it’s a revelation for slow catches and washed out finishes].

On catches he answers the differences between the rowing and sculling catch and what’s wrong with a hard catch.

The careful answers he writes are thoughtful and practical -but also include a wry sense of humour brought from a lifetime coaching and practicing rowing.

Why add this to your rowing book collection?

If you are a thinking coach and a thinking athlete, Frank Cunningham’s insight, long practice and wisdom will be a welcome addition to your own repertoire.  Sitting in the great rowing lake in the sky, I’m sure he will smile to know a new generation is bringing their own new enthusiasm and his old wisdom to our marvellous sport.

Ask Frank has been privately published as a fund raiser for the Lake Washington Rowing Club.  Rowperfect intends making a bulk order of books to save on shipping.  We have listed the book in our shop and will close the order on 1 September, 2015 or when we have multiples of 10 books purchased.

Please help us support this fund raising in memory of a great man of rowing by sharing the Ask Frank book purchase link with your rowing friends.

Please be patient, we will advise on delivery times when we have received your order.


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  1. thomas schneider says:

    I am trying to purchase “Ask Frank”. How do i accomplish that? Not in your ‘books’ section. thank you, tom

  2. Terrance Hluska says:

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