Space Saver Racking – boat & oar storage

Oar and Scull Hanging Racks

Scull hanging rack

An innovative solution to storing oars and sculls in boathouses where space is at a premium.

Space saver is a wall-mounted bracket that allows you to store 16 rowing or sculling oars that you can retrieve easily.

You can now see at a glance if all your oars have been returned to the boathouse before locking up. Download Space Saver Oar Rack Brochure

A boathouse pack of 4 oar storage brackets will store 64 oars in an efficient 2m x 1.2m wall space. The footprint of each bracket the width of a rowing or scull spoon x 1m.  Note the clever off-set enabling spoons to inter-leaf when hanging.

The oar racks are amazing for 2 reasons:

  1. They take up very little space and yet hold 8 pairs of oars!
  2. Rowers can take out oars from the back of the rack without having to remove the other 7 pairs in front of them.

Specifications: Size: 220 x 890 x 300mm Weight: 5kg Material: 3mm Aluminium

Installed in: Cambridgeshire Rowing Association; Leicester Rowing Club; Tyne United Rowing Club; University of London Rowing Club

Buy Oar storage rack now or Buy Sculls storage rack now

Watch videos of all the Space Saver boathouse storage solutions.

Coxing Equipment Storage

Cox Security Box
Security Cabinet cox box store

Space saver makes a security box for storing coxing equipment.

It has two internal layouts – with circular holes for NK units or flat shelf for Coxmate and other units. The box is 500mm X 500mm X 500mm made of steel with powder coating finish.  Each comes with one standard tray to hold 10 cox box units or a flat tray to hold coxmate or other items.  A second tray can be added.  Each tray uses industrial rate sliders and fittings.  There is also a half circle and flat tray which hold both systems.

Each box uses an Electronic lock/key pad to access it, so you don’t have to worry about having to need a physical key. They are designed to meet ASIO security standards.

Download Coxing Security Box Brochure

Buy Cox Box Storage.  Headington School Boat Club own one.

Roller steps for boats

3 step rollaway
2 step rollaway

Step Units with either two or three steps and roller castor feet enable you to reach boats stored on high racks.  Each roller becomes locked when your weight is on the step unit and rolls when there is no weight on it.

Price on request.

Boat Racks

Sliding rack extended

Space saver make boat racking.  This is available in three forms

1 – Single arm boat racking (either with or

without a sliding arm).  In this form the rack is fixed to an existing vertical post in your boathouse.  Each has a nylon runner along the arm where the boat rests to prevent wear.

2 – Multiple-arm boat racking.  In this form the upright supports are supplied as well as the horizontal racks.  Again with or without a sliding arm as above. Picture shows a 6 rack configuration.

3 – Mechanical stacking- let electricity do the work for you.  Each boat can be lowered mechanically and removed from the rack. Of course, this requires you to take the bottom boat off first, followed by the second one up all the way to the top.  Can also be used to stack aluminium coaching launches with the outboard engine in place.

Buy sliding arm racks

See more videos of space saver solutions

Other space saving storage solutions for your boathouse – Wing Rigger Racking

One thought on “Space Saver Racking – boat & oar storage

  1. Adrian says:

    When storing a boat with riggers on, is there enough room to slide the boats out on the sliding arm system without making contact with the gate of the boat on top.

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