Sculling handle grips

Grips for scull handles and rowing machine ergo handles.  Rowperfect sells a range including Stampfli, hard-wearing black STS grips and grip-wrap tape.

Black STS grips Buy black STS grips now.

STS Grips

Orange Stampfli grips Buy stampfli grips now.

Stampfli Grips

Grip wrap tape strip for scull handles Buy grip wrap tape now

Grip wrap scull handle Grip wrap compared

Grip wrap tape comes with a sticky backing which you peel off and wrap around the carbon scull handle. In the RHS photo above the un-wrapped handles is a normal handle designed for rubber grips.  The grip wrap handle has a knob that is glued into the handle end so that when the grip wrap is installed, it sits flush with the grip wrapped surface.  It is possible to grip wrap normal handles but you risk the tape unwinding because it is more exposed.

Instructions on how to install grip wrap tape.

Grip wrap tape for sweep handles Buy Sweeps grip wrap tape

Sweep Handle Design

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    • Rebecca Caroe says:

      Karen, most oar grips are around 2-3 mm in depth. But if you have a specific pair in mind, please contact us and we will measure them for you.

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