Pitch Gauges

Rowperfect sells two types of pitch gauge – one works on all riggers / pins / gates / blades and the other is designed only for carbon "C-cup" riggers that need both a fore/aft and lateral spirit level. 

Pitch Gauge – For rowing and sculling £45.00. Buy pitch gauge now.

Pitch Gauge

The original pitch gauge designed by Casper Rekers, Rowperfect's founder. Made from robust stainless steel and 11cm square in size. Measures from -7° to +7° degrees and is up to 1/4 degree accurate.  When you are building up your tool box you will need both spread and pitch tools. This is the easiest pitch gauge to use.

Buy pitch gauge now

Pitch meter for carbon tubular riggers. £50.00. Buy pitch meter now.

The ultimate pitch meter for Carbon riggers. This is designed to 'sit' in the "C" cup so that you can accurately pitch the pin in both lateral and fore-aft directions.  Carbon riggers present a challenge for measuring pitch.  Because of the c-cup in which the oarlock sits can be adjusted in all directions.  Specialist pitching tools for rowing boats with carbon riggers make the job easier.  The height of the white arms is adjusted to fit the height of the C-cup.   Buy now.

 Carbon rigger pitchmeter 2

 Pitch Gauge with 2 spirit levels 

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